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Oh you know, I’m just lying on the grass in front of the Reichstag Building. That’s one thing that I like to do that my mother does not. I just like to chill and take it all in, get a feel for everything and she doesn’t like to sit still for more than two minutes. But after our little bike tour I definitely needed a break.

After sitting there for less than I would have liked, we got in line to go up the Reichstag Building which has this really cool dome on the top that you can sort of see in that picture.

In line to go into the building, these giant butterfly people on stilts appeared and held up a sign over the line. If I knew German, I would know what it said but I don’t. The authorities didn’t like them being there so they kicked them off the steps and they had to go down to the grass, which I’m guessing is public space and the stairs were private.


It was really funny to watch this conversation between the officers and the butterfly men. I can only guess what was being said.


The security to get into the Reichstag Building was insane, my mom kept saying there was more security there than at the airport. They let groups of people into a room, shut the door and made them all go through security before letting any of them go into the elevator that takes you upstairs. Then, on your way out, they do the same thing, and put you through a room that only opens one door at a time. Crazy.

Anyway, those are walkways inside that dome and people walking on them. The top of the dome ceiling is completely open. We were there during the sunset which was pretty cool.


And on our way to the underground station to get back to our hotel, we had to pass by the Brandenburg Gate.


Pretty nice.

And no, I will not stop wearing the same thing. I’m pretty much out of things to wear, I’m wondering what the German equivalent to Old Navy is. Ha.

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