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I have never been to a place like this in the States. It’s basically a gelato restaurant. And it’s delicious. The menu is pages upon pages of beautiful gelato creations made with all kinds of ingredients and toppings. And the presentation is phenomenal.


Every time someone would walk by with a tray of gelato we would say, “Look at that one!” Some of them were GInormous and some of them came with cake or a giant piece of chocolate. You could also order cones and such at the window but we wanted to go for the gold and get some gelato creations.


Ingo gave us the tip on this place in Potsdamer Platz and when we found it our jaws almost dropped. It takes up an entire end of the second floor of a mall. We snatched a table in the center as soon as some kids got up and went over the menu. My mom ended picking something with vanilla and banana gelato and all kinds of fruits. Mine was chocolate-based (duh) with stracciatella gelato and hot chocolate! Part of it was like pudding. Mmm!



This place is so good we went back a second time. Hey, we were in Berlin for five days and we wanted something good for dinner our last night in town. Yes, I said dinner.


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