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I never in my life would have imagined that I’d be one of those people standing in a crowd outside of some Red Carpet award event like the VMA’s. I mean, who does that? And why?

But my friend Laura, Bushwick, indie-loving Laura, thought it’d be hilarious if we went to check out the “shitshow.” So we did. And it was insane. We went a few hours early and got a good spot close to the front even though we still couldn’t really see a whole lot. At least half of the people around us were from other countries, saying long strings of words really fast, in which the only things we could understand were “Lady Gaga” and “America’s Next Top Model.”  A quarter of the crowd was from New Jersey – this one girl talking way too loud and saying inappropriate things for attention while taking sips from a beer in a brown bag and then dropping it on the ground, spilling it everywhere. The other quarter, I’m not too sure. Probably 20% gay men who were calling every single person in their phonebooks to tell them they were “At the VMA’s” Sorry kid, you’re just across the street. The last 5% were probably people like me, who live here and came out of sheer curiosity only to wonder what the heck they were doing once they actually got there.

But I’m glad we went. We got to see a lot of famous people from really far away: Kanye, people from The Hills, Katy Perry, Jimmy Fallon, Akon, Green Day, Jack Black, Paramour, Fefe Dobson (hell, yeah!), Taylor Lautner (I don’t care but maybe someone reading this does) and Alessandra Ambrosio. She used to be my friend Kayti’s obsession. Probably still is.

Here’s a shot of funny man Andy Samberg doing his thing from across the street. He’s blurry in the photo but he wasn’t in real life.


See that little figure in the light jacket in the center of the photo? That’s him.

Oy. I heard Kanye was a real ass during the show tonight. And we’re surprised? I’ll have to read about that one in all my blogs tomorrow.

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Yesterday was a fabulous Saturday in Brooklyn. Woke up at 8 a.m. (yes, on a Saturday) and went running for the first time in WEEKS with a brand new playlist, followed by a trip to the Brooklyn Public Library and the farmer’s market. Now I have endless amounts of peaches, plums, raspberries and blueberries as well as subway reading material for the week. Per-fect.

Later in the day I met up with my friend Lucy, who always knows what’s going on in the city when it comes to music. We went to the Park Slope Bluegrass and Oldtime Jamboree at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. WTF is a Society for Ethical Culture? I have no idea. But we went there. There were a lot of older people, at least 75% of the hair in the room was white or missing completely. We felt like we had been momentarily transported to Vermont or somewhere, we definitely did not feel like we were still in New York. Some of these people had Southern accents and most of them lacked any sense of style. BUT they played some amazing Bluegrass. I am always awed by any musical abilities and some of these people with their instruments (not to mention voices) really impressed me. This one lady looked like she was 70 years old, played bluegrass bass and sang it out. If only my grandma could do that! (For the record my grandma owns an accordion, so maybe that means something.)

When we first got there, they had sold out of food so we walked two blocks to Sweet Melissa, a bakery on 7th avenue that I’ve heard of and walked by many times but never actually gotten anything from.

Well. I ordered their chicken potpie and it did NOT disappoint. I have no idea the last time when I actually had chicken pot pie was, but it’s been so blah and rainy outside, so a nice, warm, crisp chicken potpie is just what the doctor ordered.


Will you just look at that pot pie? The color is off because the lighting in the restaurant was not conducive to my photography skills, as is so often the case. But look! It is basically one giant crust that sits on top of a bowl of chicken stew. And the crust was so flaky and easy to break off into pieces, I really don’t think I have ever had better pot pie. It was comparable to the chicken stew they served at the Michigan State University cafeteria. I’m not even kidding, that was some good stuff! But it did not, of course, have that fancy crust.

Anyway, after my pot pie (and Lucy’s salad – she always gets salad!) we ordered a dessert. We got the warm flourless molten chocolate cake instead, basically, my five favorite words right there.


It was pretty good. My only complaints would be the wrapping was annoying to get around and I think I needed a glass of milk or a spoonful of vanilla ice cream to top it off. And perhaps a little more molten wouldn’t hurt. The next time I’m there I may try one of these cupcakes:


ANYWAY. This was supposed to be a post about Bluegrass. I like it. I also like that there are things called Pickin’ Tents where everyone brings their instrument, comes and goes as they please and jam along with whoever. Throughout the night we would go outside and check out the impromtu bluegrass band under the tent. My favorite is when everyone was singing along, people’s voices always surprise me.


A lot of the songs were about West Virginia. One of them I even knew from when I was like ten and would play this Carmen San Diego computer game all the time. Now that was a good game.

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