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I finally went to Bushwick for the first time in my life last weekend. Now that my friend Laura lives there, my guess is I will be venturing that way a little more often. Her apartment is sweet. It’s a loft with three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a HUGE open space with a kitchen. And look at that chalkboard wall. I have a really big blank wall in my bedroom and I’ve thought about making it a chalkboard wall, or drawing a shape on the wall with chalkboard paint so I can write/draw pictures on it, but I don’t know if that would fly with my landlord. Perhaps I’ll research how much of a pain it would be to paint it back to white when I move out. Someone suggested I buy an actual chalkboard, but come on that is not HALF as fun as actually writing and drawing on the wall. I want it bad. Hmm.

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