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cruella and the bull

From Cruella De Vil in New York! :)

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I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian (obviously, if you’ve ever read this blog, haha). But sometimes, vegan is the only way to go.

Muffins. I don’t have them often, they’re a treat. I have yet to get a banana muffin (they call them banana cupcakes) from The Adore with their fabulous hot chocolate (best in the city!) but I have found a blueberry muffin that I really like.

And it’s vegan.

vegan muffin

It’s from Body and Soul, a little stand that’s at the Union Square Greenmarket on Mondays and Fridays.

It’s so good. It’s light and fluffy and delicious. I tried to have a “regular” non-vegan muffin after trying one of these and it was just too much. So heavy! So now it’s strictly vegan muffins for me – with The Adore banana cupcakes the only exception, of course.

I had a very non-vegan meal last night at Duke’s – a Sportsbar in Manhattan. I watched some of the Yankees game with some of the members of my ZogSports volleyball team. It was a good time, especially since we won our volleyball match! After that I went home and tried on my Halloween costume because I finally got all of the pieces together. I cannot WAIT to wear it out! I look crazy. Be excited…

Happy Halloween! Be safe, everyone!

Maybe I’ll post a teaser of my costume over the weekend… ;)

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Rainy Days

wet streets

Are these rainy days in the city ever going to stop? I need some new galoshes! Give me some sunshine, today, please!

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1. I need a new camera.

2. Have you ever been to a bar that had its own beer coozies?

3. Check out that footwear.

Saturday was my friend Meagan’s birthday at Whiskey Town in the East Village. It was packed and ridiculous. She had reserved a table (if that’s what you call it… it was more like a box) and we had fun kicking random people out and sitting/standing/dancing on the benches the entire night. I haven’t been to a crazy packed bar like that in a long time. I had just come from my alumni bar on the UWS so I was just in one of my college t-shirts, jeans and multi-colored rainboots. My friend Stephanie laughed and said she loved how I was unapologetically wearing a t-shirt at the bar on a Saturday night. Ha. It was kind of fun to be dressed down, I felt like I just wandered in off the street. Which, I sort of did.

Anyway, they had the Halloween theme going on already, too, with carved pumpkins and spiderwebs and such. We saw a couple girls in Witch hats and I got a little jealous. I love it when people wear crazy shiz. At some time during the night some kid thought it would be fun to open his umbrella inside and dance underneath it with his friends. Yeah… he got yelled at.

But it was fun:

barwhat are you looking atparty people

Something else I learned is that some people like to drink picklebacks: a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. I do love pickles, but I don’t know about this one…

Oh, and Whiskey Town has a photobooth. Next time!

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it's a wrap

I love me some Fat Witch brownies. These babies are sooooo good.

Fat Witch Bakery is in Chelsea Market, a place that I really like for all its little food shops, restaurants and bakeries. I still haven’t tried most of them, though. What have I been doing?

Of course Fat Witch is something I’ve tried many-a-time. They’re delicious. Thery make a bunch of different kinds but the original is my favorite. They also sell the mix, which my BFF has now made in Michigan and also which my friend Kayti’s mom orders online religiously after Kayti brought some home from New York one time.

But you know, I can just walk over to Chelsea Market any day of the week. The unwrapped ones go on sale after 5 p.m. for $1.50: a pretty good deal.


I meet up with a bunch of friends from my old church on Mondays and each week it’s someone’s turn to bring a snack. Last night was mine, so you can guess what I brought!


At first everyone was really shy and I wanted to be like, “Come on, people!” but eventually they got it and started taking some. I mean, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I had to take a billion brownies home, but it’s more fun to share. :)

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I love the weekend.

beer table

We went to Ulysses’ in the Financial District on Friday night. One of our friends in Chicago just got a new J-O-B so he and his girlfriend flew out here to celebrate. We tried all different kinds of beer: wheat beer, peach beer, raspberry beer, pear beer and (tis the season for) pumpkin beer. The pear was so good, my friend bought a case online the next day. Yep, online.

I am loving that all the bars are getting ready for Halloween with all their decorations. Ulysses had spiderwebs covering the entire ceiling, which made me even MORE excited for Halloween. Just gotta get my costume together!

Before Ulysses, we grabbed dinner at Tuk Tuk in Long Island City. I ordered the grilled shrimp and it was crazy pretty, as well as delicious.


I can’t believe for all the time I’ve spent in Long Island City, that I had never been here! The food is good, it’s cheap and they have really cool lights at the bar with cars and trucks inside.

truck truck


It rained all night. Look, there’s a ghost!


We took a cab. Oh, but don’t tell anyone because there were five of us passengers and the legal limit is only four. :)

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The Lower East Side is where it’s at, I’m not sure how many times I can say this. Last night I went to the Sixth Ward to meet up with a friend (who was carrying his ginormous case for his bass around after his band practice and telling random girls as we walked down the street that he was a famous rock star). Immediately I ran into one of the coolest cats I know; a guy I worked with last year whom I haven’t seen in forever. LES, what?

After saying hi, I found my “rock star” friend who had been talking to a guy who, we later found out, co-owns all of the Daniel Boulud enterprises. Weren’t we just at DBGB? Mr. Co Owner was just there, drinking a beer with us and watching the Yanks, telling us stories about some famous chefs and sous chefs and all these people whose names I’ve heard a thousand times.

After the Sixth Ward, we went to another bar and met up with a friend of mine who works in the area. And then I made my “rock star” friend take a picture of me on our way home. As you can see, that didn’t turn out so well.

The life of a rock star, I guess. :)

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