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Hello. That’s me. And my house in Michigan. My little sister is totally crazy and fun and wears weird things so I bought this awesome hat for her in New York and now she’s refusing to wear it. Everybody was shocked. Even her best friend thought it was weird, cause the hat is obviously awesome. I wore it into Target and everyone stared at me and it was great. I love this hat. I also love these boots which are, guess what, Hunter boots! I got them for Christmas and was so excited! I can’t wait for a rainy day in New York because I plan to wear them all the time.

By the way, the hat is so cool, even my friend Eugene wore it when we were picking out movies at Blockbuster:

So there’s that.

In other news, it’s the last day of 2009 and I am back in New York City. Thank goodness. My girl Abby is here and we have some major plans so everyone have a Happy New Year and be safe! See you in 2010! :)

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What is the best burger in Detroit? Hard to say, but I can give you a few suggestions. One is Hunter House and their famous sliders. Delicious. This place is a neighborhood staple and despite the fact that they’ve changed from serving Coca Cola to Pepsi over the years, it’s one of my top three. So good.

I met up with my friend Paul who I used to work with – a few blocks away from Hunter House actually – at a theatre in high school. Working there was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It was so much fun and I still have tons of friends from there. Ok, maybe four isn’t “tons” but these people ended up being some of my best friends even seven or so years later. Palladium til we die!

Anyway, Hunter House is amazing. It’s cash only, like any true gem, and you order at the counter. There are signs all around the place for people who have eaten absurd amounts of double cheeseburgers and chili fries. But it’s that good. And I really like their pickles (see above).

When I was taking the pictures outside, a woman asked my friend Paul if Hunter House was famous. Um, hello, lady! Haha, I guess people in the D aren’t used to crazy girls walking around taking pictures of everything. Yet… :)

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I went to the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit with some girls the other night. We got all dressed up and then everyone stared at us. Seriously. Casinos are weird. Unless you’re in Vegas. And just so you know, the lounge at MGM sucks. Now you know. Don’t go there. I think we might have missed part of MGM because it’s brand new and somehow it was not that impressive. Maybe it’s because we weren’t fans of getting hit on by married men. Hmm.

We had a much better time when we went over to the MotorCity Casino which is a bit more ghetto but was way more fun. We met up with my friend Pauly who was there with a bunch of peeps and his room at the casino wasn’t ghetto at all:

The moment we walked inside his room, we saw the snow coming down outside the window, which we had been completely unaware of when we were on the casino floor. It was really fun hanging out in the room and I would have stayed there all night but we went back downstairs to see what was going on. I need to brush up on my Blackjack skills (or really start acquiring some since I’ve never played) because I have New Years Eve plans that involve Blackjack in Brooklyn. I cannot wait.

The night at the casinos downtown was really fun, though. It reminded me how much I love a lot of people that are here in Detroit and how it actually is a pretty great city.

Today is my last full day in the D for probably a long while. Better make it count! :)

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Alright, alright. Here’s my last “Christmas” post for ya. I love Christmas. I love my family. I’ve gotten to see pretty much everyone in the past few days and it has been lovely. I don’t even know where to begin. My cousins just blew up facebook posting five billion pictures of us hanging out together and I love it all.

I love it almost as much as I love this blanket my little sister made for my mom this year:

Yep, those are dinosaurs and yep, they do represent our family. We’ve got the momma dino and the three baby dinos (of which, I am the stegosaurus, btw). I hope next year she makes me a blanket as awesome as this (hint, hint).

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and there’s more posts to come from this Detroit trip!

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I love Christmas and I love Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. Every year we go to my Aunt Sylvia’s for some (or a lot of) yummy foodz and family time and a Christmas gift exchange game. We fight about the rules every year. It’s great.

First, look at the beautiful cake my mom picked up at Mrs. Maddox Cake Shop:

The cake got a liiiittle messed up during transportation which is why it only says “ery Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas,” but you get the idea.

There’s always tons of food at the family gatherings. Each year there’s some variation but the main staples are always: pierogies, kielbasa, and cheesy potatoes. My family is Polish and we make some great pierogies.

And here’s some of my family milling around the table:

My cousin Danielle likes to be front and center:

And of course we have lots of treats. Chocolate cherry cake:

Pumpkin cake:

Sugar cookies from Maddox:

All the treats:

We played the present game we always play, which my aunt just informed me is called “Dirty Santa.” This year the theme was “favorite things” and we were instructed to bring, guess what, a favorite thing. Some items were: a Sonic gift card, a giant basset hound figure, fuzzy socks, a coloring book with crayons, a remote controlled Ferrari (which my grandma brought, of all people) and a ShamWow. Hilarious.

My gift was something I picked up last week at Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn. It’s a Kreepy Doll from the Kreepy Doll Factory and I thought this guy was the cutest. I love creatures and this was perfect to be a “favorite thing” for me to contribute to the game. And then of course, I fought like hell to get him. I can always count on my sisters to get my back and scheme with me so we end up with what we want.

Look at my baby:

I love him. Oh, and that’s my little sister at the top. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Merry Christmas Eve! I am in Detroit now but I only got in late, late last night, which is why I’m sending you a Christmas tree from Washington Square Park. Ain’t it pretty?

I’m so excited to hang out with my family today and I can’t wait for them to see what I brought for our exchange game. This year’s theme was “favorite things” but you’ll probably never guess what I came up with. Well, maybe. :)

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There are some chains I absolutely cannot get behind. Actually, that would be most chains, so let me start over. There are some cupcakes I absolutely cannot get behind. And this one happens to be a chain. Coincidence? I think not.

Crumbs Bake Shop. Perhaps the most popular cupcake stop in New York, perhaps only due to sheer volume of stores. Seriously there is an effing Crumbs on every corner. They put one a block from my office last year. So it’s the most convenient. But sadly, not the most delicious.

The cupcakes are huge, and I’m sure that’s part of the draw. I remember my first time in, I got a giant Oreo cupcake and was extremely underwhelmed. The cake part was eh and the frosting was actually kind of hard. No thanks. People rave about these cupcakes and I try my best to hold my tongue, cause what’s the point in being bitchy about a cupcake?

Last week at my office’s holiday party, one of my co-workers brought in Crumbs and they were actually quite good. I tried the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and thought maybe they got it right. Maybe Crumbs is actually good.

But then today, my friend surprised me with one of their brownie cupcakes. I was very excited to try my treat, but when I got home, again Crumbs was a disappointment:

It just doesn’t taste like anything. It even had frosting in the middle and that did nothing for me. Oh, Crumbs, why does everyone love you?

I don’t get it.

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