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Here’s another Thanksgiving tradition for you: The Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game. Now you may say the Lions are the worst team in the NFL, but I’ll have you know that we have won TWO games this year. Two, people. And next year, maybe we’ll win three. Ha! I am a huge Lions fan, have been since the Barry Sanders days, and I WILL be at the Superbowl when we get there. That’s folks, you heard it here first, the Lions are going to the Superbowl! YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Ha. Anyway, the Lions game on Thanksgiving is a years-long family tradition. So we went to Ford Field. There were 11 of us in the gang, two of whom were friends of mine that moved to Chicago after college. I was so happy to hang out with them:

The beginning of the game was cool cause the Lions scored the first touchdown but then it pretty much ended right there on our end. There’s always next year!

So, we took a stroll around, checked out the merch and grabbed some Polish sausages. Mmm. My mom, older sis, Aunt and cousin were working a Big Boy stand so we kept stopping by and saying hi to them too.

That’s no dirty-water city hot dog, right there!

The best part is that while we were walking around, we saw the Tim Hortons cup walking around, holding hands with a little girl!

Now isn’t that the cutest little cup of coffee you ever did see?


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