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I love my friends. These people are not allowed to leave the city, ever. I love walking into a room and laughing within the first five seconds. They are just so great! It had been a few weeks since I had seen these two lovely ladies, MK and MB and let’s just say we had lots to catch up on. :)

And this is also my new favorite bar. It’s called Lillie’s it’s on 17th street, and it’s the cutest.

I love high ceilings and I totally dig their style. They had some really cool Victorian paintings in the back and along the walls. A bunch of us met up here to see our friend Jackie who was back in town. We were all talking and all of a sudden she goes, “I smell french fries.” Haha. The girl next to us had them and they were quite distracting.

It was really hot inside though, so I asked for a glass of water and this is what the bartender came back with:

Have you ever seen a bigger jug of water? At a bar, no less? It was about the size of my head and it was fanf*cking tastic. Seriously, I cannot tell you how hot it was inside that bar.

Oh, I also want you to meet my friend Erin. She’s the coolest and she runs a really awesome NYC fashion blog with her friend Lani.

Check her out.

I’m feeling good. I love my friends, I love our love lives and I especially love living in NYC.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend!

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