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My friend Julianne and I had the BEST time last Friday night. Yes, I was sick, but I had been given tickets to the Knicks game and they were not about to go to waste.

I’ve been to one Knicks game before – last December vs. Detroit, and those tickets were nosebleeds. This time, it was a whole new ballgame. Even though we had our own seats from my friend Manny, he informed us of two better seats that would be open during the game and told us to sit there instead. And they were good. We felt sweet. Look at how close we were:

On top of that, during the game we were miraculously (somehow, totally random by coincidence only and not because we knew the person picking the winner at all) chosen as the “Lucky Fans” of the game.

What did this mean?

It means Manny came over and personally escorted us from our seats to the DJ booth. It means we had to climb over these railings (seriously, that was odd) and stand with the broadcast girl and the promo guy with a giant sign behind us that said, “Lucky Fan.” It means a promo girl was throwing confetti at us while we were put on the JUMBROTRON and the broadcast girl announced us, by name, as the winners for some college basketball tickets at MSG.

Hello, New York:

Yep, there we are, famous.

It was so weird. I didn’t know where I was supposed to look and if it would be stupid for me to wave, but I waved anyway. It’s a really weird feeling to know your face is on the giant screen that mostly everyone in the Garden is looking at. Weird and AWESOME!

The best part was that Julianne had never even been to a Knicks game before and she’s a huge basketball fan, so there she was with great seats and then guess what, she’s a lucky fan of the game.

It was awesome.

Also awesome because the Clippers lost and the Knicks won, in the craziest fourth quarter matchup I’ve ever seen. Go Knicks!

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