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I believe this is the last of the City Mitten: Abby V edition, but the picture goes with a story.

If you’ve read this blog for longer than two weeks, you know that I spend a lot of time in Long Island City, Queens, because two of my best friends live there. Well one time, two years ago, when just one of them was living there, my friend Kayti and I went over to visit. For whatever reason the 7 train was not running so when we wanted to go back to Manhattan we had to wait outside for a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus stop was RIGHT in front of Cafe Henri and it was FREEZING. Without even realizing it, Kayti and I were staring at all these people inside the cafe and looking at their giant bowls of hot chocolate, basically with our jaws dropped. Once we realized they were staring back at us, we had to knock it off, but we have always wanted to be those people on the inside, sipping out of a giant bowl of hot cocoa while everyone else freezes outside.

So what did Abby and I do when we had time to kill in LIC, waiting for my friend P to get back from the airport? Go to Cafe Henri, of course! Sorry, Kayti! :)

I got my giant bowl of hot chocolate.

I’m not gonna lie though, it was kind of bitter and I had to add a few packets of sugar. Eeek! So it wasn’t my favorite. But it was big and I would like to eat an actual meal at Cafe Henri one day because everything they brought out looked delicious and smelled great. And the place is cuuuute. I was quite happy to finally be the person on the inside (two years later!).

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