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Holla! The weekend is over, unfortunately. It was so nice to have all those days off, even if most of the time I was laying in bed watching Friday Night Lights. That show is killing me. But what else are you going to do when you’re sick besides stay in bed and watch some good ol’ fashioned TV?

My social outings for the weekend involved a very good friend Missy coming over, which is very exciting for me because she just moved to New York so this will become a regular happening.

I also saw The Blind Side with my cousin (yes, more football). It gets an “eh” from me. I mean it was good but it didn’t change my life. I also made it to church and then finally, what we have in this above here photo is some karaoke at Japas 38. There were 15 of us crazies, two mics and one tamborine. Really. We asked for a tamborine and they provided. It was hilarious.

Karaoke in New York is way better than karaoke anywhere else, because here you can rent rooms to hold your group so you don’t spend an hour waiting around for the one song you requested when you walked in. It’s just you and your friends making fools of yourselves in front of each other because nobody cares. That’s the way to do it. And now you know where I got the title of this post. :)

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