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This is what you get when you put two crazy girls in a car for five hours on a drive to Washington D.C. I’m not sure if it was actually supposed to take five hours, but it did with traffic and everything, so when we finally got there we were more than happy to walk from my friend Ben’s house to see some of the monuments. My friend P stayed back and took a nap cause he was so tired but we were on a mission. And yes, that’s the Capitol Building in the back of the picture above, in case you weren’t sure.

Ben and Missy strolling in front of the Washington Monument. Ain’t no thing.

Ben was a fabulous tour guide. He told us what it was like when Obama was inaugurated (crazy).

This is front of my buddy Lincoln’s memorial.

And there’s my buddy.

All of this was walking distance from Ben’s place, which was perfect because we had just spent nine hours in the car (not really). So it was nice to stretch ze legs and take a stroll. We also looked at some war memorials and other cool stuff. There’s an outdoor skating rink in the sculpture garden and I was like, “THANKS FOR TELLING ME, BEN!”

They also had a steel tree, like the ones they had in Madison Square Park that I was in love with two summers ago.

This was my first time back to D.C. since the 8th grade and I’m pretty sure back then I was more interested in boys than whatever I was supposed to be looking at. It’s nice to be a grown up now and have friends who live all over the country who I can visit and get a real tour from. This weekend was great and we did a whole lot so welcome to City Mitten: D.C. edition. Of course I’ve got lots of restaurants to show you, we had some really good stuff. Hope everyone else had a good weekend, too! Happy Monday!

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