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These are my friends, whom I love. Our first meal in D.C. was a fancy one, at a dim sum restaurant called Ping Pong, a London import. This is the first Ping Pong in the States and it just opened.

First of all, dim sum is fun because you order a bajillion things and you’re never really sure what you’re going to get. We ordered pretty much everything and they kept bringing plate after plate after plate. We also split two bottles of wine.

Look at all that food.

This is squid, which was probably my favorite thing that we ordered.

And this is how the sticky rice came wrapped, we were instructed not to eat the leaves part or it would make us sick. I liked the sticky rice a lot too.

I also liked the buns we ordered with meat in them. It sounds weird and I remember having that once before at a dim sum restaurant in New York with my mom years ago. But I thought they were delish.

The bad thing about dim sum is that you feel like you aren’t full, or that you shouldn’t be full because you’ve just eaten a bunch of pieces of things but you still feel like you haven’t eaten anything. It’s strange. We thought we ordered enough but decided to order three more things when we were finished. Our bill got pretty expensive, which is another thing about Pong, cause it’s fancy. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.

It was good, we all liked it and were glad we checked it out, but we wouldn’t necessarily go there again. I will however, go for some cheap dim sum in New York now, cause I haven’t done that since I’ve moved here and dim sum is just a good time.

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