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If you need some food after the bar in New York, I can give you a million suggestions (chicken and rice at 53rd and 6th, for one). But after the bar in D.C.? I wasn’t so sure.


Ben’s Chili Bowl, people. Apparently this is the spot to be because everyone and their brother’s second cousin was there. They had a bouncer managing the line outside. Insanity. Which is why I tweeted this picture:

I mean do you SEE this? The line wraps around itself!

So many people in line for chili. Chili half-smokes, chili dogs, chili fries, chili hamburgers… There’s a ton of other stuff on their menu too, but who cares? Obviously it’s about the chili!

This is only half of what we ordered. Sure, there were five of us, but we ordered a LOT and after I took this picture, they brought us the rest.

There was a big picture of Obama on one of the walls from when he was here, I have no idea why I didn’t take a picture of it. Ben (my friend Ben, not Ben’s Chili Bowl Ben) told us it was right after the inauguration and a little bit of a big deal.

Anyway, if you’re wondering, the chili had a nice kick and was definitely worth the wait. And of course we ate it ALL because 3/5 of us were boys and you know how they do. Seriously, I love people who know how to eat. :)

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