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First: this is the jam you need to listen to while you read this post: D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. A lot of times I come onto City Mitten and tell you I’ve found a new favorite thing. Well, you can add this one to the list: Brooklyn Bowl.

Brooklyn Bowl is a new bowling alley in Williamsburg. It’s also a bar. And a restaurant (serving Blue Ribbon food!). And a concert space. It is amazing. It’s huge and the walls are wooden and the classic bowling theme is done well. It’s truly beautiful.

Basically, I’m thinking of having my birthday party here. And if I don’t, then you should. Because it is awesome.

We went to Brooklyn Bowl for the Hot Chip afterparty/dj set. They had a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier in the evening. Oh, and that’s them djing in that top picture. Hot Chipppppp!

Um, I guess this is the part where I tell you how long we waited outside and how freezing it was. There was a group of nine of us and we waited outside for at least a half hour. We were pretty miserable but we learned our lesson that we will pass on to you: If you’re going to an event/show at Brooklyn Bowl, buy your tickets ahead of time.

Once we finally got in, I was super impressed. Just thought to myself, “Yes, this is Brooklyn. I love you.” I also couldn’t get over the number of good-looking people in attendance. Hello.

We Are Wolves came on and did a live show first and they were a bunch of crazy cats with crazy hats. Totally fun:

They were cool. Oh my goodness I cannot believe how much I was dancing! It helps a lot to have some of your favorite people around, but the overall atmosphere was just fantastic. Big ups to my friends Jodi and Sophia because they had been walking around Manhattan allllll dayyyy and still got down pretty good.

Hot Chip came out probably around 2, with a bunch of their crew dancing on stage. I loved it. The dance floor is huge and everybody was dancing, doing their own crazy thing and it was so much fun! I think the last time I stayed out that late dancing was on a Spring Break trip to Cancun in college. Ha!

Moral of the story: Brooklyn Bowl was definitely the best thing I did this weekend. And yes, I did watch the Superbowl. :)

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