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Cool people play in Brooklyn. Like Ebony Bones, straight out of the UK. She is something, peeps. Something indeed. She rocks the beat. And she makes the crowd dance, which is what I like to see. My friend Missy posted a video of the craziness but even that doesn’t do it justice. Her entire crew rocked ridiculous outfits: pants with clouds on them, jumpsuits with lego piece patterns, an entire Native American get up, and a tie-dyed girl with a sax. She was my favorite. She was so little so she looked like an elf and the eyelashes she wore were huge. I would love to wear those crazy fake eyelashes for something ridiculous. They had to be at least two or three inches long. She looked sweet. Ebony also had two back-up dancers/singers/bottle tappers and they didn’t hold back either. And then there’s Ebony herself, who changed half way through the set and who also came into the crowd to dance on more than one occasion. We saw her at Southpaw and it was really fun except for that guy who kept trying to hold hands with me. And then stalked me on Facebook. Ha.

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