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Would you like some Dr. Pepper ribs? Or how about some bacon mac and cheese?

I’ve decided nobody really cares about the music I go see because no one ever comments when I talk about it. I cannot imagine being a music writer because I do not know how to put sounds into words. At all. I mean how do you convey the experience of a concert through type? Well, I don’t know! So here’s some food to make us all feel better.

It’s from The Brooklyn Star, where I went with Kelly last week. I think we are doing an entire food tour of Williamsburg with the way this is going. Next up is Marlow and Sons.

The first thing you should know about The Brooklyn Star is that it is tiny. From the outside, I thought I was just peering into the bar area, but it was the whole restaurant itself!

There’s a tall table in the middle that I think would be really fun to sit at. It would be like sitting at a friend’s dining room table. The second thing you should know: food here is good. We had biscuits to start and I had the Dr. Pepper ribs and the mac and cheese, which I took home for lunch the next day. I love day old mac and cheese. Kelly got chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and warm cole slaw. Good, good.

Basically, Kelly and I only go to romantic places together because this would be another great place for a date. And they have Brooklyn root beer!

I had just been reading about The Meatball Shop earlier that day and they have root beer on tap so I was like, “Whaaa? I need that.” This wasn’t tap but I’m sure I’ll be at the Meatball Shop soon.

And there you have it: The Brooklyn Star.

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