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Welcome to Grandma’s house! Except this is not Grandma’s, this is Friend of a Farmer and I think the grandma I had who actually used wallpaper would have killed herself before she actually died if her house looked like this. Is that cryptic? I loved my grandma! And the fancy glasses she used when she served us Red Pop. And how she would tell us when we were singing off key in the car on the way home from church. Haha. See you in heaven, Grandma!

Anyway. I feel like it’s been really hard to pin down some of my friends lately. Work is crazed for everyone or they’re out of town or blah blah blah and I think I’ve been kind of flakey myself too, but yesterday I was finally able to catch up with my friend Melissa for a Sunday Brunch.

I’ve noticed Friend of a Farmer before because of the line. It’s kitschy (see above) with that whole back-country kind of feel going on. So it’s not like going to my grandmother’s. It’s like going to a friend’s grandmother’s. In Kentucky. Who sits on a rocking chair and knits things on the porch.

I had the raisin french toast (duh) and Mel got the healthy farmer’s omelette, which I laughed at because it actually had the word “healthy” in the title. This is what brunch should look like: food, mimosas, and a girlie friend. :)

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