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I really have got to stop posting about the Shake Shack. I mean, let’s get serious here. But I can’t help it! And the Germans love burgers so we had to!

We went on a weeknight, after going to the Top of the Rock and probably waited in line for about a half hour, which is really nothing compared to the summer lines. We got beers and shackburgers and dogs and fries. I love guys who know how to eat. Like Matti. He was always the winner. Double shackburger and a hotdog? No problem.

Didi was boring and just had a burger. I know he wanted fries, too.

They were huge fans of the Shake Shack and they especially enjoyed saying the words “Shake Shack” over and over. It was also at Shake Shack where I learned the German word for squirrel: Eichhörnchen. Haha, don’t ask me to say that now, though. I’m pretty sure the only thing I remember how to say in German is a swear word. Nice work, boys!

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