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Sometimes you need to trust the locals.

As I said yesterday, one of the things I really wanted to do while I was in Boston was to get some clam chowder. D’s friend Mike, who we were staying with, recommended the Barking Crab with the caveat that he didn’t really like seafood. So I didn’t think I wanted to check it out. Flash forward to finding myself faced with the Barking Crab and realizing I wanted to check it out after all.

This place looks like a party. I imagine they take the roof off in the summer but I am such a huge fan of communal dining (sharing tables with strangers) and the mood here was just fun. And it’s on the water.

Unfortunately for us, we both got the clam chowder, which I’d say was not as good as the two clam chowders I had in Florida (not to mention the one at Mermaid Inn). I did, however, see other people with crab cake dishes and lobster dishes and those just looked amazing. Also, I happened to very much love the crab on the bowl. Too cute. I would love to go back to the Barking Crab. At night. In the summer. Drinking beer. Cracking lobster.

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