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(photo/Laura Leebove)

At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that Brokelyn was actually going to post pictures from their event (along with Effed in Park Slope and Brooklyn Based) Brooklyn Blogs, which was at the Bell House last week. They had a fancy camera and were taking down names and blogs and I was looking forward to being in the photo gallery for the event with some new friends as well as the fact that my picture was being taken by a fancy camera. This is rare. Let’s be real, I carry around my point-and-shoot and hand it to the nearest person to snap one at me, so it’s nice to step it up a bit when I get the chance. Like this picture above! Which Laura Leebove took at BK Blogs because she HAS a fancy camera. Well good news, you guys. I recently picked up a Job No. 2, which is very very exciting and it’s social media and food related so HOLLER, check me out! I am PUMPED because it is going to be great. And maybe one day I’ll let you in on it. :)

ANYWAY the reason I just told you that is that Miss Amandy over here who keeps talking about blah blah blah I want an SLR will finally have NO excuse not to get one. You heard it here first.

ANYWAY (again): BK Blogs. As I said, it was at the Bell House, which is one of my fave spots and when I got there it was PACKED. The best part was they made you wear name tags with your real name and your blog name (or fake name and fake blog name, I guess) so it was a great conversation starter because you could just walk up to someone and be like, “So tell me about Various Name of Blog.” Which is what I did. A lot. Especially to boys with beards and nice smiles.

It was fantastic because I got to see some people I am blog friendly, twitter friendly, and real life friendly with; as well as meet people I had so far only spoken with on the interwebs, as well as meet people I have never spoken to before! So many bloggers! It was awesome. I really hope they do another.

I got to meet Erin from BLD Project, who I was already twitter-friendly with. So nice to put faces to names and twitter handles!

We are holding mini lobster rolls from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, because obviously there is no Brooklyn Blogger event without some Brooklyn Things to Eat. And they were good. You already know my feelings on lobster.

There were also cupcakes from Robicelli’s. I had banana something or other.

So there you have it. Bk Blogs: We came, we ate, we talked, we drank Brooklyn beers… and then we blogged about it. :)

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