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Sometimes I eat this for lunch. Not yesterday, obviously, because yesterday was cold and rainy, but when it was actually SUNNY last week, this is what I had for lunch. Rainbow Falafel in Union Square. It’s a tiny, tiny hole of a shop that’s managed to stay open during my three years here, and unfortunately for that area, that’s really saying something. I’m glad it’s not turning into a threading salon (knock on wood.)

Anyway, falafels are good but they are dangerous to eat. Dangerous meaning messy. As soon as I grabbed a bench in Union Square and started to unwrap it, I realized my presentation of self was about to be compromised. And it was. The guy sitting next to me asked me if I needed more napkins. Awesome. But then I felt better when he turned to the girl on the other side of him and asked if she was from the Jersey Shore. Then he proceeded to have such awkward conversation with Girl Not From Jersey Shore that it made ME feel awkward and I wasn’t even involved. After he repeatedly asked her questions and received one word answers while she looked the other way, he told her he’d love to meet up with her and asked if he give her his number (no thanks), she finally left and his attention was focused on me. FIRST of all, I don’t understand these kind of guys who want to give numbers to girls who are completely unresponsive. I mean how is that fun? I’ve been that girl before and I just don’t get it. Do they think we’ll be MORE responsive once we have the number? I mean I’m talking about times when we make it CLEAR we’d rather be anywhere else.

Anyway, the girl finally got up and then the guy turned his attention back on me. He asked me on a scale of one to ten how good was my lunch. I said three and his advice to me was, I kid you not, to throw it back up and ask for a refund. So thanks for that. Then I conveniently remembered I had to get work.

And I’m sorry, Rainbow Falafel. You’re better than a three. But you’re still a falafel.

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