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Welcome to Popbar and adventures with my mom! I’d seen pictures of these lovely pops in magazines but it wasn’t until my dear cousin M went there that I realized I had, had to go. Not to mention I started walking by it sometimes on my way to work.

You should know that these are not popsicles, they are gelato on a stick. You pick your flavor and then you can have it dipped or drizzled in chocolate if you like, as well as add toppings. I had a mixed berry popsorbetto, which means it’s made of 100% fruit. My mom went with pineapple.

They were friends. And mine was better. But there are lots more flavors you can try!

I am such a fan of artisan ice pops. Love, love. Btw, this place is next door to Grom, which makes life rather hard. Just so you know.

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