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HELLO! I am really in Germany right now, but since you’re not in Germany with me right now (or ARE you?) I’ve got a few more pics I want to post from my adventures when my sister was in town.


We were on a billboard for American Eagle in Times Square, a store I have not shopped at in YEARS, but which had the most amazing marketing plan we could not resist – buy anything and they scan the barcode of your receipt and then you take a picture and they put it on their billboard right in front of the store on Broadway! Insane! And it goes in a rotation so it actually came up more than once. So much fun! So I got some brand new sleepy shorts with elephants on them and I happen to love them, so nice work AE!

Why is Emily so sad at Shake Shack? Obviously City Mitten does not need yet another Shake Shack post, but this picture is so interesting I had to put it up. Why so sad, Emily?

This is Emily on my street, a beautiful, beautiful street in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn! I do not love Emily’s cigarettes, which is why I will include a SURGEON’S GENERAL WARNING: SMOKING WILL KILL YOU. Seriously. This is not an advertisement for smoking. It is an advertisement for Emily wearing her first skinny jeans – or jeggings really, because she finally got her first pair (from Uniqlo, duh) and she is wearing them in this picture here. Lovely!

And finally…

Emily and I at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park! Am I the best tour guide or what? See all the excitement we had while she was here? You can’t beat that.

So yep. I’m still in Germany! Pictures and posts to come soon!

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