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First, let me get this out of the way to avoid any confusion: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are not cupcakes that taste like pumpkin, because that would be lame. No no, they are both pumpkin pies AND cupcakes. Meaning you bake tiny little pumpkin pies and then you bake the tiny little pumpkin pie inside of cupcakes. And that’s what you see here.

I wish I had learned more to cook when I grew up. Sure I can bake shiz, as witnessed by this post (although miss Laura Leebove was the Bake Queen and I was simply the Bake Assistant). But I mean my skills are limited and any time I have eaten a home-cooked meal with a man, it was because he had cooked it for me. Except that one time in college when we had an all-girls family dinner and one of my friends invited her boyfriend without telling us. And I believe my contribution came from a box (Hey, Stouffers lasagne is good!). ANYWAY, I feel like I am lacking a major Life Skill and I resolve to fix it – once I get over my stand off-ish attitude towards my kitchen (I really wish I didn’t share a kitchen). ANYWAY AGAIN. PUMPKIN PIE CUPCAKES.

To the left – miniature pumpkin pies, which were delicious. I may never make a pumpkin pie and only resort to making mini ones. Because they are good. Graham cracker crust, say what now. On the right – cupcake batter, and you see what’s starting to happen in the middle when we put the two together. After dropping the mini pumpkin pie into some cupcake batter, we poured a little cupcake batter on top.

After that, we made some cream cheese frosting and spread it on top. We made both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and we actually used vegan recipes for both and they were amazing! I took some to work with me the next day and my office mates were pretty impressed with that fact, especially because I told them after their first bite. They had no idea.

So, these pumpkin pie cupcakes were a fun treat. A pain in the butt because we made five thousand, but the pumpkin pie inside the cupcake is definitely a cool surprise. I would make these again. And if you’re looking for recipes, they all on foodgawker so check it. Happy Halloween!

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Welcome back to City Mitten: New York City! Wahoo! And this post includes my dear friend P who I have not seen enough of lately! Before I left for Germany and Prague, we had dinner at Blue Smoke, where I have been dying to eat ever since having an amazing Blue Smoke barbeque sandwich at a Mets game this summer.

We had dinner and drinks and I interrupted the people next to us to find out what brand of glasses the girl was wearing (Men’s Prada, btw) and it was great. Blue Smoke is a busy, busy restaurant and there were a thousand suits since it’s so close to midtown. I was all about dessert and when P said his favorite dessert is banana cream pie I thought A) boring and B) I had a banana for breakfast, but I thought we’d give it a shot this time and I am glad!

The crust was perfect, the banana was perfect (and not tooo banana-y, if you can imagine) and the frosting was perfect, too! Btw there was all this talk a while back about Blue Smoke opening a bakery inside the restaurant and it’s really the funniest thing. It’s just a counter near the front door with a few baked goods on display. And actually there were people standing in front of it buying stuff, so I couldn’t get the greatest look. But very interesting! So the banana cream pie is really good. Oh, and they have ribs too.

(Btw the ribs are good, the pickles are good, but the mac and cheese is a leeeetle too soupy for me.)

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Goodbye, Prague! So… four our last dinner we wanted something delicious and goood so a fellow traveler in our hostel suggested Kavarna Slavia. So thank you, strange traveling man! We called him “O.G.” for “Old Guy.” He didn’t know that though.

So Kavarna Slavia was the isssh. It was cute and there was an old man playing piano in a suit and the food was AMAZING! Say hello to my mushroom goulash!

Does that look gross? I don’t care! It was amazing! But Nora’s dish was actually the best. EVA!

She had farm-stewed chicken with paprika sauce, gnocchi, sour cream and lemon. Oh MA Goodness. We all tried it and we all agreed it was the best. So if you go, get this. Man I wish I was there right now.

Here is Nora about to go to town:

Get it, girl.

And here is when I talk about desserts again. They had a whole ice cream menu with crazy sundaes but D said it was stupid for me to get a sundae so we went for the more traditional Czech desserts instead: pancakes.

D’s was just okay. Mine had ice cream on it. I would have rather had ice cream by itself. But oh wellie! I love Kavarna Slavia. I love Prague, too.

We took a stroll over the Charles Bridge one last time.

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I am sorry for being so ridiculous to STILL be posting pictures from my latest trip to Europe. Already feels like ages ago but after this post, there is one goody left (a delicious one, at that) and then it is back to the normal City Mitten. But what can I say? Traveling is too fun. But seriously this already feels like it was ages ago. Guess I should look at some more flights (oh wait, I spent all my money…)

Btw, I was the Map Girl in Prague. Basically I think I’ve got a pretty good sense of direction these days. Also you should know that being the Map Girl translates into D calling you “bossy” because you’re always, duh, telling everybody where to go. It’s true, I like to make decisions and some people (not mentioning names, of course) never made suggestions and never “knew what there was to do” so I laid out the options and we picked. So that’s what’s up. And I’m not going to lie, every time he called me bossy (because he knew it was making me mad) a certain Lindsay Lohan jam came to mind and I went with it. I like Lindsay Lohan.

Moving on…

And this is the “Dancing House” by Frank Gehry. My little sister’s favorite building… which is also a segway to the fact that it was my big sister’s birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Emily!

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Well look at me drinking (eating?) some of the world’s most fantastique hot chocolate, found at Cafe Louvre in Prague. I just happened to mention my longing for some hot chocolate in the elevator coming down from the Astronomical Clock and a gentleman interrupted me and told me Cafe Louvre was the place to go. So thank you, gentleman for your wise suggestion because Cafe Louvre did not disappoint.

Not only did we have the cutest waiter known to man – seriously, you should have seen the way we talked to him and stared at him after he left, he was like a button. Too cute. We thought about asking him what he was doing later but then decided we didn’t want to break the allure and find out any details of his actual life. We’d rather just stare at him.

But the hot chocolate was thick like a candy bar, the kind that solidifies at the top and sort of turns into pudding when you’re not stirring it. Awesome!

Look at that beaut. The strange gentleman who told us of this place also told us they had fabulous desserts so we ordered these as well:

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure if Prague knows what they are doing with desserts, or if they have a different taste for them (side note – they do definitely know what they are doing with candy bars). Nora had tiramisu, D had apple crisp, and I had chocolate cake. Maybe it was because they were all served cold that we weren’t impressed, but really we weren’t fans of any of them. That chocolate cake did not get eaten. And I love me some chocolate cake. I should have had another hot chocolate instead.

And this is what we walked by on the way home:

Rough life. And ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have two final posts on Prague and then we are back to the good ol’ U S of A and back to the good ol’ NYC.

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Walking down a random street in Prague, we came across this door with this woman’s face on it. When you pull the cord, the woman’s eye shuts and she sheds a tear. Um, cool.

Here’s Nora and I in front of a fountain in the Senate grounds. This is where D complained that he was a guest on “Nora and Amanda’s vacation” but he doesn’t like being in pictures so what was I supposed to do?!

Nora on the Charles Bridge, which was a beautiful bridge.

While in Prague, we went up the Astronomical Clock to get a view of the city and this is what we saw. I just love the reds of the rooftops. Sooo pretty.

So there are my postcards from Prague for this post. I know it’s random, doesn’t have a theme and there is no food involved, but I couldn’t not post them.


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Hello, Nora. I have been a bad blogger lately, and my friend Kelly just said the same thing on her blog too. What can I say? I keep myself way too busy sometimes. It’s time for me to finish out these Prague posts so let’s get cooking.

One thing we did when we stayed at Sir Toby’s in Prague was we went on Richard’s four-hour walking tour. He took us around, told us stories and we ended up in a restaurant inside the monastery. And it was good. Nora and I split a beer and it was delicious.

I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve obviously acquired the taste for (some) beer. In college, I thought it was the grossest thing in the world. But then again we were broke so we were not drinking quality beer. Now I actually enjoy the taste of some brews and it strikes me as extremely odd.

This is the part of the post where I mention that we were sitting outside. In Prague. In October. Our tour guide Richard was shocked by the weather and we were too… except in a different fashion. I knew it would be colder in Germany and Prague than it was in the U.S. but I don’t think my brain really accepted that thought because I did not dress very warm.

And now we talk about fries. Look at those babies. Golden and delicious. And warm, because it was a little cold. Sometimes really nothing can hit the spot besides some warm fries. Europe knows how to do fries. Some places in the U.S. do too. But I love these fries the most.

And finally – beer goulash. BEER goulash! What does that mean? I have no idea. But goulash is one of my favorite things in the WORLD and I must discover where I can find some good goulash in New York because I know it has got to be somewhere. I mean it’s basically a stew and I realize that goulash does not photograph well. At all. But my goodness is it good. So if you find yourself in the monastery grounds in Prague – this is where you eat and this is what you get. Do it.

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