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Oh ma gawsh. I had quite the experience yesterday meeting Johnny G. Weir at the Borders in Columbus Circle.

First of all: this was my first book signing I’ve ever been to EVER and I’m not sure if this is just the way things are done at Borders in general or just Johnny Weir specifically, but he couldn’t personalize the signings and we weren’t allowed to take pictures with him. So I was PEESED. I mean, I went so I could A) meet Johnny B) Get a picture with Johnny and C) Get Johnny to write something in Russian for my sister. BUT IT WAS NOT ALLOWED!

I got to the book signing an hour and a half early cause, as I said, it was my first book signing experience and I wasn’t sure if there’d be a cutoff or anything. Well LET ME TELL YOU, us people who got there early were the fools. Because they rushed you like crazy and the people at the end got to take their sweet old time. BUT I did get to talk to Johnny about A) The Olympics B) Him and Sasha Cohen being my favorite figure skaters and C) My little sister moving to Russia. He even told me, “Tell Alexandra I said good luck.” DONE!

Look at how cute he is! Him and his little posse. I love it.

ANYWAY let me tell you how that top photo came to be because I am so proud of myself for it. Soooo… since the signing flew by, I decided to stick around and see if I could get a picture with him when it was all done. So I waited. And waited. And people left. And I waited. There was about a dozen of us waiting on the side while he signed some last copies and TOOK PICTURES WITH BORDERS STAFF. I could have killed them. We weren’t allowed to take pictures with him and there they were snapping pictures away right in front of this. Like I get that’s your perk for working at the Borders in Columbus Circle but have some TACT.

ANYWAY so we were standing there and Johnny answered some questions for some interviewer and then he walked in the opposite direction of us and started putting on his coat and his entourage started walking in the opposite direction of us too. So I’m thinking, “Oh no, oh no.” And all of a sudden I just go, “JOHNNYYYYYY!” and he looks over at me and I wave and I go, “Will you come over here, pleaaaaaaase?” And he walked right up to me and I asked him if we could take a picture and VIOLA!

Of course after I got him over to our side and took a picture with him, the other people around me started asking for one too and as I left I go, “You’re welcome, everybody.” Because seriously. Sometimes if you want something, all you gotta do is ask. :)

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