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Guess it’s time to go back to restaurant talk! Last week I went to dinner with my fabulous friend Mara in Park Slope at Al Di La. It is just adorable and there’s a really nice chandelier, and you know those fascinate me. And the house wine is pretty dang good, which I know because Mara works in the wine industry so for her to say that means it’s really legit! We had some. Of course. And we shared entrees. Mara got the braised rabbit with polenta and I got the duck. Both were good but I would recommend the rabbit, although I’m pretty sure you actually couldn’t do any wrong here.

This is the swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi which was A-mazing.

And then for dessert we had some chocolate ice cream thing with hazelnuts and whipped cream which was also A-mazing.

Yep. We went big at Al Di La! They also have a little wine bar next door if you can’t get a table at the Trattoria. I highly, highly recommend going here. Their website may be the worst website in the history of the world, ever, but apparently it’s not stopping them from getting any business – so hey!

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