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It’s funny that when I really like something, I just assume I’ve already blogged about it. And then I look back and nothing is there. So let me introduce you to Jacques Torres hot chocolate. My gosh. It is thick. Meaning, you should probably get a small. And you should probably split it, like I did with Michelli.

Um… can you tell this was before Valentine’s Day? Look at all the pink! And yes, if you were dating me and you bought me something from Jacques Torres for Valentine’s Day, I surely wouldn’t hate you.

Do you see how the hot chocolate has a film on the top if you let it stay still long enough? That is my FAVORITE. That’s how you know it’s good. My co-worker even got me some Jacques hot chocolate mix for Christmas that I keep not using because I keep forgetting to buy milk on the way to the office (I can’t possibly make it with water, that would be LAME).

And there’s me with some chipmunk cheeks, going for some hot chocolate myself.

And yes, I am still in Jamaica. But it’s Monday and I have to warm you up. Next post should be Jamaican, mon.

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This is the view when I leave my apartment building in the morning after it snows. I kind of love it. But sometimes, I have to leave it behind. So tomorrow is my birthday and I am on my way to Jamaica with my homegirls from Michigan State. Yay! I am so excited. I’m sure I’ll have a thousand pictures and hopefully I’ll be trying all kinds of food.

Speaking of. This week I went to Cookshop with my friend Melissa. We both started with salads which were deeeelicious and then she had the pan-seared scallops and I had sweet potato agnolotti. But I didn’t take any pictures until we got to this:

The Cookshop Candy Bars. Made of devil’s food cake, hazelnut-chocolate crunch, praline ganache, frozen peanut nougat and a chocolate shell. Oh, and there’s sea salt on top and everyone knows there is no better combination of chocolate and seasalt. So there’s that.

Um, happy birthday to me! My goal of this weekend away is to come back with some freckles. See ya. :)

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I’ll say it again and again: NYC Restaurant Week can be sooo hit or miss. But when a restaurant does it well, it’s worth returning to. Hence, Gotham Bar and Grill. I am always impressed by their menu and I am always impressed by their chocolate cake (which I am not posting another picture of, but you can see it here).

The best part about this particular time at Gotham was that Michelle and I almost missed our reservation completely. I called to let them know we were going to be late and they let me know when the kitchen was closing and we still almost missed that. There may have been some running down the sidewalk. Maybe. But in the end, we arrived and they were actually running behind – which was awesome for us – and keeping the kitchen open. Hallelujah.

Ok I don’t remember exactly what this was, but every time I have some sort of pasta at Gotham, I am pleased. So I was happy I went with this choice. Michelle loved her salmon as well. Their restaurant week menu is different now on their website but if they’re still running it, you should take advantage. Don’t forget to wear your pearls.

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I don’t care how many times I’ve posted pictures of this damn salad, it is still the best salad in the entire city. All Chopped Up. At Cowgirl Seahorse. Or Cowgirl Hall of Fame. I just love those two spots, and I like to share them with other people too. They’ve got a fabulous brunch menu, but for some reason I can never get myself to stray from this salad!

Yeah… these pictures are cute. :)

Everybody loves brunch at Cowgirl Seahorse. Who’s coming next time? Also – I can’t wait to sit outside for spring time!

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Last weekend The New Amsterdam Market had a mini (and we mean mini) Valentine’s Day Market. We hit it up for some snacks. Above is Shandaken Bake and some squirrel cookies that made me think of my little sister.

Here is some apple monkey bread that I bought and had for breakfast the following morning.

But the *real* star of the show. The Bent Spoon. As always. We came for the market for The Bent Spoon, really. It’s just the most fabulous and inventive flavors of ice cream. I wish they would open a store in the city. See our excitement:

Here are some of my peeps, trying flavors and deciding what to get. You can get mini cones, which is awesome. I think they were $2?

Yeah, you’ve seen this before. But it’s the BEST. Bitter chocolate on top (amazing) and chocolate-covered strawberry on the bottom. I need to start planning my New Amsterdam Market adventures so that I can take a pint home with me afterward.

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Hi. I’m just here to tell you I’m singing a whole new tune about L’Arte del Gelato after trying their strawberry gelato when Mic was in town. I never order strawberry ice cream or strawberry shakes or anything because I just don’t care about the strawberry flavor beyond actual strawberries. But strawberry L’Arte del Gelato apparently I really like. And so does Michelle by the expression on her face above.

Get yourself to the Chelsea Market.

Also, if you’re wondering what I did on Valentine’s Day, that was not it. I had a date with KP at Patsy’s Pizza (again) – which by the way KP already has a ridiculous picture of me on her blog – and then we went to Chloe‘s to eat Buttercup Bake Shop cupcakes and make fun of The Bachelor. There were nine of us ladies and it was hilarious. Especially hilarious was Chloe’s friend Jenna, and she actually makes a living off of being hilarious so check her out.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Yeah, Valentine’s Day is a holiday I can take or leave but I’m wishing you a good one anyway. Actually I had pretty neutral feelings about this Valentine’s Day until about five minutes ago but that’s neither here nor there.

This past week has been crazy. Huge event for work on Monday and then played catch up pretty much the rest of the week until my Social Media Week panel – which was awesome. Then I worked Friday AND Saturday nights and finally had a play day Sunday. Part of my play day was spent with Kelly at The Ace Hotel, sipping on Stumptown and spying on strangers.

That’s me and my mocha, which was a bit on the bitter side. But it was beautiful! Stumptown is famous for being from Portland and for being responsible and for being one of the best coffees ever. If I actually drank coffee straight up, I may have a better opinion, but I will say it was impressive just watching the dude in the beard, vest, tie, and hat make it for me. Next time I may get a hot chocolate.

And here is KP and her vanilla latte. Another good thing about Stumptown, at least the one in NYC, is that it’s inside the Ace Hotel. And I really like the Ace Hotel. We were lucky enough to grab two seats once we got our warm bevvies and it was prime seating for some great people-watching and eaves dropping. We were seriously there for hours and hours trying to figure out if the people next to us were on a first date and checking out people’s clothes. It’s just an interesting crowd! There’s also a photobooth and we took some super cute photos I’ll have to put up here as well.

So that’s it, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sooo one thing I have never done as a tourist in NYC is visit the Statue of Liberty. And I have done many touristy things. When they opened up the crown to the public again, I had to do it. You have to get tickets months ahead of time because they only allow a certain number of people into the crown every day so it’s the first thing I checked when Miss Michelle booked her tickets here.

When we first walked up to go through security (for the second time) to go through the crown, we showed the guy our tickets and he goes, “You have crown tickets!” It felt like we had golden tickets to the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Except not. We did have tickets that allowed us to climb a bajillion narrow stars though. That was crazy! They were twisted so hard I was literally leaning against the stairs while walking up then. A little freaky deaky. But as you can see from the above photo, we made it. And the crown is tiny! There’s room for maybe six people to stand up there at a time. And you can hear the wind blowing all around and look outside and see the bottom of the torch to your right and it’s just crazy crazy! Also, the stairs on the way down – scarier! I kept thinking I was going to slip!

The best thing though, was going in the winter. A great idea. Especially because this particular day was a clear day but even more especially because it felt like there was barely anyone there on the island! We had so much room to take pictures and walk around on all the different levels outside and there was like NOBODY there. So that was awesome. We were very glad we did this. Maybe one day I’ll go to Ellis Island too, but we had a lunch date we couldn’t miss so we may be saving that for next time.

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Photo by Matthew David Chai

Hello, hello! Just had a crazy whirlwind blast of a weekend with my BFC (Best Friend’s Club) Michelle Murphy and we did so many things and our legs got so many tired and now I would like to collapse and sleep for days and days (not to mention I had a huge work event last night that I had been working on for quite some time and it is now over, hallelujah).

This is the first photo of me and my homegirl M.E.M. and it was taken at The Spotted Pig (where else?) waiting for a table with M.D. Chai so we could get some gnudi and some burgers. My my. We waited for like five days it felt like, hence the look on our faces, but in the end it was worth every moment of our time. So thank you, Spotted Pig, for still being delicious, and thank you, M.D. Chai for taking this photo with your iPhone. I appreciate that.

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I went to Chikalicious Dessert Bar this week, which was awesome as it was another place that’s been on my short list for awhile. Walked by it all the time when I lived in the East Village but somehow never found a reason to go there. Until my friend was like, “Do you want ICE CREAM?”

Um… HI the answer is YES. So Chikalicious we went. I’m a little confused about Chikalicious actually… are there two locations? Dessert Club and Chikalicious Dessert Bar? There are two different websites that have very different branding. ANYWAY, we were at the Dessert Club. We thought we needed two desserts (and by we I mean me) so one was a sundae with toasted pistachio, chocolate pearls and kataifi – which I can’t even explain. Yumzville.

But what we really came for was the molten lava chocolate cake:

Because how could we not?

So Chikalicious is pretty good. They were making out half the time and it was awesome. And that is my “Happy Friday” gift to you.

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