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I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile since my last hamburger and sometimes, a hamburger is exactly what you need. Even if you’re in a cute little French restaurant. French food? Nah, please give me the hamburger. At Bar Tabac (in my neighborhood, hayyyy!) I was just hoping for one foursquare tip about their hamburger and I found one, so I told myself ordering the burger was okay. The burger is actually called “The Late Night Giant Bar Tabac Burger” and I get where they were going with that but it was not late night, it was actually prime time: 7 pm on a Saturday. But same thing. It was delicious and the fries were also phenom. So there ain’t no shame on ordering a burger here.

We also got some pasta because the way we do things around here is order two entrees and then do a splitzies.

Fettuchini carbonara with bacon and mushrooms. Hayy. I’m so glad I have friends who don’t think it’s completely absurd to share their entrees with me and vice versa.

Also, this restaurant is C-U-T-E. It was also the first location Missy made a reference to “Babe City.” I will be coming here again.

A demain! (French for see you tomorrow)

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Babe City

I am renaming my new neighborhood to “Babe City” because that’s what it is. Walking down a street – Babe City. Step into a restaurant – Babe City. Guess I wasn’t used to that in my old neighborhood. Also – props to Missy Kayko for employing that phrase to fully describe the phenomenon.

Also, I will take this opportunity to say that no picture of a group of people eating at a table turns out well. Unless you all squish together or you’re only taking pictures of one side, the photo is going to show people awkwardly spaced from each other with dishes in front of them that are barely distinguishable because it is so far away. It’s just awkward. And sometimes if I’m snapping pictures of food, someone assumes I want that awkward picture and it is nice of them to offer so I don’t say no.

So that’s all I got for today. I have unpacked (mostly) and am moved in (mostly) to my new digs and have already ventured into a few neighborhood spots that have made me very excited for life and the upcoming year (or longer) that I stay here. And by here I mean this apartment because we allll know I won’t ever be leaving NYC (if God allows).

So no pictures, just text. In Babe City.

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Roasted oysters (with smoked bacon and leeks) are fun. At Brooklyn Fish Camp with my girl Jordan. Since there’s a post for you today you can safely assume I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business on the whole packing thing.

Yellow tuna sliders.

Pan fried cod sandwich and Jordan eating french fries. Who doesn’t love french fries? Jordan goes to Brooklyn Fish Camp a bit and she says the po’ boys are fantastic and I am also interested in trying the lobster roll. Brooklyn Fish Camp is cute. I like it. They were also nice enough to not make a big deal about the giant stack of oversize boxes I had along with me (did I mention I’m moving?! It’s the worst!). A dude asked me on my way out if I was going to make a fort. I wish!

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As you can see, we are definitely back to our regular programming. I had the pleasure last week of going to The Vanderbilt with my friend Mara, who happens to be one of the awesomest people in my life. The Vanderbilt is in Prospect Heights and since I’m moving out of Lefferts Gardens in four seconds, it seemed like time to finally try something in the neighborhood next door. So Vanderbilt we went.

The Vanderbilt had a special St. Patty’s prix-fixe menu, so we ordered one of those and then we ordered some other stuff to go with it. This was the crispy fried egg with blood sausage and potato hash. Do you see that? They fried the ENTIRE EGG. That was awesome. Pretty much any dish with an egg on top of it is awesome.

We even had TWO dishes with eggs in them. Because we *want* to die. To the left, we’ve got some lamb (delicious), and to the right we have slow poached pasture raised egg with spaetzle and bacon. MOM ARE YOU READING THIS? My mom luuuuvs spaetzle and now we must add The Vanderbilt to our list of restaurants to eat at if they keep this dish. It was the Bomb with a capitol B.

Other things that were Bomb: dessert! Poor Mara, she doesn’t even like dessert and I keep making her try things with me.

Since it was around St. Pat’s, Mara’s dessert was soda bread with stout ice cream. Interesting! Mara wasn’t upset I had her get dessert anymore.

I had the pumpkin toffee cake.

Yep. I don’t even care about pumpkin or toffee but the couple next to us had their dessert and were diving right in quite nicely and so I stared at them and the girl told me I pretty much had to get it because it is fabulous. And it was! She was right. Phew. So get this. Our server sold me on it too, he was great. Vanderbilt was GREAT, PEOPLE. Go eat there.

After The Vanderbilt we hopped across the street to Weather Up for a quick drink and that place is cuuuute. See, I just planned the perfect Prospect Heights date for you. You’re welcome.

And now we have reached the point in this post where I digress and tell you how horrible I am at packing up my room for my move on Thursday. Yep, I’m moving on Thursday. Still in Brooklyn and still awesome, don’t you worry but I am getting the hex outta here. I’ve got half empty boxes all over my bedroom floor and clothes and random things of whatever like everywhere. It’s not looking good.

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Okay, welcome to my last post from Jamaica. Just some more photo goodness, maybe a few stories too.

We found this rock when we just happened to stop at a random restaurant along the cliffs while walking part way back from Rick’s. It was one of my favorite finds.

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Look at the blues of the water, it’s really kind of unbelievable.

Had to post a picture of a “dirty banana,” the drink of choice for tourists in Jamaica. Very strong if you don’t mix it up.

If you want to know a great way to burn yourself – go snorkeling. I put on plenty of sunscreen (or so I thought) and my legs and back, and feet actually, got completely fried. BUT it was awesome. We saw so many fishies of different shapes and sizes and colors. I could have stayed in the water all day. GOOD THING we didn’t or I really would have been a crispy critter. If you go to Jamaica, I highly suggest you go snorkeling.

When you go snorkeling, they also take you to a really small island. On the island, there are people grilling up some fish and some lobsters that they caught right there on the beach – you can see the lobster traps and everything. Crazy! And cool.

And look who I brought along! Cloud Backpack! He wanted to go to Jamaica really bad so I finally said it was okay. He had a blast.

And that is all, you guys. Go to Jamaica. Go swimming. Take pictures. Eat seafood. Good times. :)

And then we return to our regular programming.

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Go to Jamaica and let me guess, you will have at least ten people tell you to go to Rick’s Cafe. So we did. Also because the skeevy bar in East Lansing we went to many a Thursday nights back in the day to scout for whomever we were half in love with at the time (shoutout PJB) was called Rick’s American Cafe and we found the similarity slightly entertaining.

Anyway, we went to Rick’s and it was both what I expected and not what I expected. It was definitely touristy, which I expected. I think I just expected the cliffs to look a little different, like involve actual climbing to get to, but that did not take away from the beauty of it. Also was not expecting for people to be standing on higher platforms asking for $5 to get them to jump off. Um, thanks? Ha.

So here is me having a miserable time:

See, I am absolutely miserable.

We had dinner:

I had the snapper, on the lower left corner, and it was the best out of the four meals. Also best was the bread that came with everything. What is my obsession with bread right now? It was warm and fluffy, and also I think we were starving from spending the whole day at Mayfield Falls. Oh – there were some drinks with very interesting names. Just an FYI.

This is Nora being a badass and jumping off the cliff, if you can find her. A bit of a “where’s waldo” kind of photograph. She’s the only one that went for the jump. I considered and then remembered that I am now old and frail and would have probably instantly broke an arm or two or both of my legs and my neck. So I stayed on land.

So yes, Rick’s is a trip. You should at least check it out. And maybe make the dive if you’re feeling cRaAzy.

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Sharing is caring! And so it was, that I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Negril, Jamaica, and my birthday dinner at Rockhouse.

One thing cool about many restaurants/hotels in Jamaica is that they will hire a cab or have their own car service bring you there for free. Can you IMAGINE if that were the case in Manhattan? So that was awesome. We took advantage and went to Rockhouse for my birthday dinner. It was raining on and off so unfortunately we weren’t able to sit outside but everything else was perfect.

Say hello to the seafood platter that I split with Nora (after some appetizers, of course!) It included lobster, coconut shrimp, and blackened mahi mahi. Sidenote – I hate when restaurants use the word “platter.” It sounds so unrefined to be like, “Yes, may I please have the seafood PLATTER?” Just gross. But name aside, my seafood combination was fantastic. I’m glad I was able to have some good lobster in Jamaica, since, I don’t know, they catch it right there on the beach, and the mahi mahi was fantabulous as well.

This was Kayti’s rock pot: broth with fresh seafood. But as you can see I’m focusing on the bread. That bread! So think and soft and can you just IMAGINE having it for french toast? So the bread was fabulous for dipping. Oh, somehow I did not get a picture of Andrea’s plate, but she had the snapper, which was a huge thing because Andrea is a strict vegetarian! I appreciated her trying some seafood since we were in JAMAICA and because initially I thought her being a vegetarian might be a bit of a “thing” in Jamaica and she wouldn’t have many options at meals. Well, it turned out to be no big deal at all and she turned out to eat seafood one time, which was fun.

Did I mention this was for my birthday? They sang for me, which was awesome. And us girlies split two desserts and they put a candle in mine.

This dessert was billed to us as “chocolate pudding” but “chocolate pudding” it was not! It was like pudding brownie or something and it was GREAT. ORDER THIS.

And also order this:

Have you ever had coconut creme brulee? Probably not. I am neither a coconut nor creme brulee person but it was pretty fab and my girls who are both coconut and creme brulee basically thought it was the best thing ever. So check it out.

And here’s a semi-blurry picture of us ladies standing by the water:

Uh okay, I meant *really* blurry.

Also, if you’re wondering what Rockhouse looks like during the day:

Uh, yeah. I realize this post is extremely photo-heavy, but this was Jamaica, dang it. So basically Rockhouse is beautiful since it’s on the cliffs. We actually considered staying here and I’m glad we didn’t, just because it seems like much more of a romantic getaway kind of place instead of a four girls want to hang at the beach kind of place. But I am glad we chose Rockhouse for my birthday dinner and I’m glad we went back to see it during the day.

And if I haven’t sold you on Jamaica yet as a destination, I’ve still got two more posts. ;)

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Okay, so it was actually called “Tony’s Hut.” But to us girls, this place will forever be known as the “Swiss Family Robinson Bar.” One of the great things about staying on the Seven Mile Beach on Negril is that you can just walk down the beach and pop in to wherever you want. And one night we were walking and we came across this little gem. It’s a part of a hotel, Gatehouse Villa, but the bar itself was the cutest we had ever seen. And also, there were hammocks.

It just feels like you’re in a treehouse. And they have board games. It’s just the cutest. And this is Tony:

He was cool. We went to Tony’s more than once and one time Kayti asked, “Are you here EVERY day?” to Tony and he replied, “Sure, I have nothing better to do.” Oh, Tony. You can tell Tony is loved too, from all of the tshirts and trinkets people had brought him from all over for him to hang in the bar.

Oh, to be in a treehouse bar on the sand…

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Well, since it’s been about TWO WEEKS NOW since Jamaica, I think I can finally do some posts about it. First up would obviously be the Red Stripe. I enjoy Red Stripe. In Jamaica you can drink it in the car, by the way. So we did. We weren’t driving, just so you know.

Jamaica is fun because you can stop and get Red Stripe in pretty much any random building that looks like this:

Tiny huts like this pop up everywhere and they’re bars. Pull over, grab a beer, and you’re out. Two seconds.

Another thing we did when we first arrived was get some jerk chicken and pork ribs at The Pork Pit. This was our driver’s idea and our driver was smart.

These were delicious. There’s a huge grill with pork and chicken and after you order, you bring your ticket to the man and he chops up some good old fashioned meat for ya right there. Thank you.

This was in Montego Bay, right by the airport – if you ever find yourself in Jamaica. I actually thought I’d never go to Jamaica in my life, it just wasn’t on my list, but after this trip, I’m glad I’ve gone and I would recommend it to anyone. And not just because of the ribs.

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City Mitten is BACK! No, I was not stolen in Jamaica and yes, I have lots of pictures to share from that trip… but right now we’re going to focus on the fact that I went to Fatty ‘Cue for dinner last night. Does this picture gross you out? It should not because it is delicious. Fatty ‘Cue is interesting and if you’re wondering if the food is fatty too, well the answer is that some of it, well, YES. We had heritage pork ribs (eaten before this photo) as well as ‘cue corlander bacon (also not in this photo and better than the pork ribs) and we also had (in this photo) broccoli salad (served cold and delicious), noodles and some sort of stew with crab. Pretty good! I must say, for all the hype I’ve heard about Fatty ‘Cue, I was imagining the restaurant to be much larger than it was. It was very small. The bar was cute. There was an alcohol bottle in the shape of a gun that we had never seen before. Staff great, food great and definitely had the Fatty Crab spin on it.

So there’s that. The next place I need to get to in Williamsburg is Fette Sau. SERIOUSLY. I think all of my dreams will come true there.

And that is all. We did not get any pie at Fatty ‘Cue because we couldn’t finish all our food as it was. Bummersville.

Happy Friday, by the way. I am sorry for being the WORST blogger ever but that’s what happens when you spend your birthday in Jamaica (Hey, mon) and then you return to a visitor by the name of My Little Sister – who, in fact, may be the best visitor I’ve had to date as we did things but we also just chilled. So yes.

Williamsburg, you are an interesting, interesting place. My (internet) friend Jim told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at ‘Cue cause I was there on a date, but do you know what happens after two drinks? Nobody cares! So I snapped what you see above. Hello, hello, and welcome back to City Mitten.

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