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I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile since my last hamburger and sometimes, a hamburger is exactly what you need. Even if you’re in a cute little French restaurant. French food? Nah, please give me the hamburger. At Bar Tabac (in my neighborhood, hayyyy!) I was just hoping for one foursquare tip about their hamburger and I found one, so I told myself ordering the burger was okay. The burger is actually called “The Late Night Giant Bar Tabac Burger” and I get where they were going with that but it was not late night, it was actually prime time: 7 pm on a Saturday. But same thing. It was delicious and the fries were also phenom. So there ain’t no shame on ordering a burger here.

We also got some pasta because the way we do things around here is order two entrees and then do a splitzies.

Fettuchini carbonara with bacon and mushrooms. Hayy. I’m so glad I have friends who don’t think it’s completely absurd to share their entrees with me and vice versa.

Also, this restaurant is C-U-T-E. It was also the first location Missy made a reference to “Babe City.” I will be coming here again.

A demain! (French for see you tomorrow)

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