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Who has Easter brunch at Katz’s Deli? The Spurlock family, apparently. Last year we had a great meal at Frank and this year my uncle D wanted to change things up and go for gigantic sandwiches from Katz’s. I think I’ve been to Katz’s maybe once, when I visited NYC in high school. So I had no idea what I was doing when I went this time around. But I had my family to guide me! Above is a Reuben with corned beef. The correct choice. Mmm. Also, pickles. So many pickles. Mmm.

This is a pastrami sandwich. These babies are huge. I ate half of my Reuben and saved the rest for dinner. Of course I also had five thousand pickles and eight hundred french fries, so that only made sense.

This is Steve Buscemi, my cousin Steph and my uncle D. A very happy trio.

And we’ve got Colin, myself, and lots of friends behind us as well.

And this is my favorite picture: Pam and Stephanie talking outside. Candid photos are my favorite.

Things you should know about Katz’s

1) It was packed inside. Even on Easter Sunday.

2) Don’t lose the ticket they give you when you walk in the door or it’s $50 when you leave.

3) They have a legit intimidating doorman who stands there with his arms crossed.

4) Know what you want before you step up to order or they will yell at you.

Final note: I might have bumped someone’s glass of their table with my bag and it might have shattered everywhere and I might have kept walking and pretended I didn’t notice. But I’m not sure.

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

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I realize two things as I begin this post. 1) I have a post two days back called Prime Meats. These places are not the same. 2) Quality Meats is a steak restaurant and I am leading with a picture of ice cream. That’s how it should be.

Let me introduce you to the world of Quality Meats. It’s in midtown, 58th street to be exact, and the moment I stepped out of the subway I felt like I was in bizarro world. When was the last time I was in midtown? Not a clue.

But now let me take you back to Quality Meats. Quality Meats with Jen McGuire, who was in town JUST to have dinner with me! (I kid, I kid… she came to town to go to Eataly with KP AND THEN go to dinner with me.)

These are the crispy potatoes. I don’t know why I don’t ever ask the servers questions about the menu and assume I always know what it’s talking about because if I knew the crispy potatoes were going to be this crispy, I wouldn’t have ordered them. If you’re a fan of potato chips, then you would like them. My like of potato chips occurs only when I am surrounded with family, a giant bowl of french onion dip, and playing cards. So anyway.

This was the view from my seat. Chloe got some giant steak with the most giant bone and she took half of it home with her. The server asked if she wanted the bone. Like, really? People take that? Also is the gnocchi and cheese (yum) and sweet corn creme brulee (seriously). You should probably try it if you like either corn or creme brulee and would like to imagine them both together.

I went for the ribs:

The good thing was that I ate three or four and had the rest the following night for dinner. The bad news is I tried a bite of KP‘s filet and daaaaaaang that was good.

We all know the most important picture from this post, however, was the first one. I have seen this certain picture of Quality Meats coffee and ice cream donuts like once a week over the past year. I forget what site it’s on – whether it’s OpenTable or some other restauranty website I frequent – but I have seen a picture of that ice cream and donut one too many times and it has been deeply ingrained into my brain. The ice cream is coffee flavored, natch, with donut pieces on it and then the mini donut there on top. I liked it lots. Next time adding chocolate syrup.

Man, I am so sick of wearing cardigans! They’re like my favorite thing in the world but I would like to wear dresses without them now and I would like that to be soon, please (Spring – are you listening?)

And now we come to the portion of my post where I tell you other random happenings in my life because I started doing that and now I can’t stop. The most important thing to note is that I booked my first ticket to Texas to visit my padre and see the Detroit Lions play the Dallas Cowboys. I know the NFL is only half-functioning right now, but I’m hoping they get their act together soon enough. If not, I will still be going to Texas but I will not be watching football. I think I’ll still survive.


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DISCLAIMER! The Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar are actually my employers. And I’m totally going to be using these photos on our official tumblr too. WITH THAT SAID I could never work for a restaurant I did not like and with that said, I eat at the Mermaid Inn and Mermaid Oyster Bar more than I’ve eaten at a single restaurant in my entire life, simply because it is actually delicious. So, there’s that. If you are my friend, or if you read this blog, and have not yet eaten at one of the Mermaid locations – shame on you!

So… The Mermaid Oyster Bar is now open for brunch/lunch starting at noon on the weekends and that pretty much changes everything. Above is a $7 glass of Sangria (Yes, I AM promoting our specials so that you go there).

Also: dollar oysters from noon til 7:

Did you hear me? Noon til 7. That is seven hours. A dozen Blue Points, please. Also – see that little card sitting on the bar behind the oysters? It’s called a table tent and I made it. They always say cute and or hilarious things. At least to me.

Finally: a lobster roll/lobster sandwich. That’s what’s going on here:

I waaaaas going to try one of the brunchy specials, but I was with Miss KP and the second she said she was getting the lobster roll – that was a total game changer. I couldn’t not order the lobster roll if that’s what she was getting. Tom, one of the OB managers, who is fabulous, even made fun of me and said it was great that I was trying their new dishes and thinking outside the box. HA.

What can I do? :)

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It’s fun to go to a place called “Prime Meats” and not eat any meat. It’s also fun to go there the ONE TIME you think it’s appropriate to be in a t-shirt (I was repping foursquare on 4sq day!) and realize the place is sooooo Stumptown once you get there. That’s what I said to describe the place to my roommate and she knew exactly what I was saying. It was sooo Stumptown. They serve Stumptown coffee, so that’s part of it, but the staff and the people there were dressed the part. And I was in a t-shirt. And actual jeans. I don’t think I’ve worn actual jeans in months.

ANYWAY there I was in my foursquare t-shirt (with the Jetsetter badge on it, if you’re curious) and there we were at Prime Meats. Above is Lee – my friend Stacy’s friend – who is either lucky or unlucky enough to appear on my blog after my first time meeting her. She is drinking Stumptown coffee and having an egg and cheese biscuit sandwich.

This is Stacy. You can see the excitement on her face as she’s about to dig into her egg and cheese sandwich on a biscuit as well. Me on the other hand, well you know how I do:

I can’t even *remember* the last time I went out to brunch, so I had to make this count. Of course I got a biscuit too – and those were fab. This french toast was also fabulous and Stacy tried it and said it was simply the best she’s ever had. My opinion is – this city is just full of fabulous french toast and I’m not sure if I’ve experienced a clear winner but this one was definitely up there.

I need to go back to Prime Meats for dinner, order some meat, and not be wearing a t-shirt.

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Welcome to my new apartment! I took this framing project upon myself after spying a similar wall inside Crate & Barrel. This was also part of the $500 from Ikea. I framed a bunch of really pretty and/or interesting stuff from design, art, and photography magazines I picked up at Parsons and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out!

Also I consider myself lucky that my roommate Lucy lets Owly hang out on the couch. He likes it out there.

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Hi. In case you’re wondering, “What has Amanda been eating for dinner lately?” your answer is above. Red Mango!

Okay, so maybe that was just tonight. But what can I do when there is a Red Mango practically across the street from my apartment? It is obviously my responsibility to make sure they stay in business.

This past weekend was nuts and by that I mean I went to Ikea. Why do I torture myself? Don’t even ask me what we bought but somehow we ended up at $500 between myself and my roommate. And we didn’t buy any furniture. So that was fun if your idea of fun is actually the exact opposite. Never going again unless it’s during the week. I did get a soft serve ice cream cone at the end of the madness, which was a nice touch.

I have no other photos from the weekend but I can tell you I attended a super fun birthday party for some new friends at Clover Club, one of my favorite places and it happens to be super close to my apartment (bonus!). Sunday Funday was meeting for work followed by last-minute plans with my cousin and her awesome boyfriend. We saw happythankyoumoreplease which I do, in fact, recommend seeing. Also – if you have not seen Win, Win may I also suggest. SO good!

I sort of apologize for the mindless rambling here. I still have some things to get sorted out in my new apartment and then hopefully I will feel good about taking some photos and putting them on this here bloggy blog. Until then, go see both of those movies and get yourself some Red Mango.

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There’s NYC restaurant week and then there’s Dine in Brooklyn – a Brooklyn-specific restaurant week. And it’s hopping. Everybody knows Brooklyn is where the best new restaurants are at. So my friend Stacy planned a dinner for us and my roommate/friend Lucy at Bino Brooklyn, which was – surprise – also near my neighborhood! Being in walking distance to tons of fabulous restaurants is a very new thing to me as coming from living on the “other side” of Prospect Park before. (But Prospect Park, I do miss you so.)

Above we have the meatballs with Marinara & Caciocavallo. DELISH. The best appetizer since the other crazy ladies with me got salads. Let’s be real.

Our main courses I got blurry pictures of (go me!). Except for Stacy’s salmon – which as you can guess, looked like salmon. Lucy and I traded our entrees – she had hen w/ zucchini and pine nut spaetzle (spaetzle is apparently in, I’m not gonna complain) and I had bucatini with prosciutto or at least that’s what it says on their website but for some reason I am remembering it to be more like bacon. Anyway, that was the clear winner in the entrees.

And then we have dessert!

Key lime cheesecake, which unfortunately did not want to cooperate for this photo and promptly fell apart. That was delicious. And then:

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not chocolate cake. It’s chocolate bread pudding with vanilla gelato. (I do like bread pudding on occasion.) It was huge and it was very spongey and very chocolatey and quite good, naturally. I am also a fan of the chocolate sauce. Lucy and I definitely could have split one, but we didn’t. I couldn’t finish the whole thing actually, but I can’t say I only made a dent either. So that was good. I enjoyed Bino Brooklyn and will likely go back for a non-dine in Brooklyn experience. The staff was friendly and I especially appreciated the owners/managers sincere thank you for dining with us on our way out. It really makes me want to return. Oh, and for the food too.

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