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It’s unbelievable actually that Artichoke had yet to make it onto City Mitten before today. Perhaps it was because during my first year in New York I happened to live two blocks away and now that I’m in Brooklyn it’s not so close in my radar. But my dear sister was here and I wanted to take her for some dear pizza, as well as somewhere I had not been recently so Artichoke it is. Look on the anticipation on her darling face.

And here it is:

This is the actual Artichoke slice, and it’s like artichoke dip on pizza. De-licious. She ordered that and I ordered their margherita because I think it is just as splendid. But if you take yourself there, you need to get the artichoke slice, because I can guarantee you’ve never had anything like it before.

And there it is. There’s a bit of the line, which is normal. We only waited for about ten minutes. The after-bar crowd is always insane. But that’s because it’s always worth it.

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