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Did you know one of my goals in life is to have a chandelier? It is. Perhaps one from ABC Home, the fabulous (and expensive) store. Today a woman asked me what I wanted out of life and I should have said “a chandelier.” They’re pretty.

Another thing I love is birthdays. Birthdays are so much fun. I get excited thinking about mine and it’s not until February. Yes, I am already thinking about February. What can I say? I’m a planner. It kills me that I don’t yet know exactly what I’m doing on New Years (besides the fact that I’m spending it in New York for the first time ever).

Anyway, this weekend was my friend MB’s birthday. Part of Saturday night was spent at 3 Steps, a bar on Second Ave I used to walk by all the time when I lived in Stuyvesant Town (yes, I lived there… look at all the things you are learning about me). MB doesn’t mind if I take pictures of her. So I do. :)



birthday shots

birthday baby

I think the last one is hilarious because it looks like she’s putting on a good pout. Now,  just tell me what the Birthday Girl has to pout about. :)

Happy Birthday, MB!

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