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I am really good at weekending. At least lately. This past weekend I spent Friday night watching movies with my best boy (If you haven’t seen the Conan documentary yet, it’s worth seeing) and Saturday I had cupcakes with Kelly, bought some flannel sheets (life changing) and then met up with Kelly again to watch the most awesome MSU football game ever. We even made random friends. And then Sunday started with this. Drinks and brunch at The Standard with my homegirl Leeann.

The Standard is a happening place. It’s actually pretty cute. It’s in Meatpacking, an area I typically avoid, but sometimes you do want to see and be seen and there were LOTS of people to see at The Standard on Sunday, let me tell you. Such interesting, interesting folks.

Btw the drinks at the top are a Bloody Mary (left) and The Standard 69 (right). Like really? You couldn’t just call it “The Standard”? Sigh… I hate the way people name cocktails sometimes.

Anyway… Leeann’s friend met up with us and it was probably one of the last beautiful days to sit outside, so we did.

I’m sure everyone can guess what I had…

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Cheers! It’s time for a margarita from good ol’ Cowgirl, mmm, mmm… Yes, I am still trying to acquire the taste of tequila and I think I’m doing okay! I ordered the peach margarita and isn’t she pretty? She’s sweet too. Eugene got a lime margarita, which is not as exciting. What is exciting are the little glass animals on the ends of our straws! I think I forgot to take mine home! I remember a restaurant in Detroit that used to give these little animals on top of their ice cream scoop desserts and my family loved it. Family Buggy perhaps?

It is hot as Hades in NY right now and I am very grateful for my window air conditioning unit. I am not grateful for my wireless internet, which only seems to work in the non-air conditioned, hot and sweaty kitchen. Back to things I am grateful for: dining and drinking al fresco. Now’s the time. :)

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Missy and I made it back to DuMont! And she was actually able to stay this time! Fabulouso. I think DuMont is becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. I mean I LOVE their outdoor patio. So much fun. If I lived in Williamsburg, I would be there every weekend. And then some.

Here is the famous DuMont burger. People swear by it. It’s good, but I’m still partial to the Shake Shack and Paul’s. Mmm. I did enjoy that it came with a plethora of pickles. Hamburger dills already on the burger and regular dill slices on the side. Good to know DuMont respects the pickle. As you should.  I would probably recommend DuMont’s mac and cheese over their burger as I think it may be the best in NYC (or at least top three) but it’s not available on their brunch menu, which is when Missy and I went. They do give you these for brunch:

Mini donuts! They were warm, too! Cuteness.

Also I would highly recommend Missy’s sandwich:

There were artichokes and feta and that’s all you need to know.

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