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Hello, little guy! This is Cheburashka, a very popular Russian cartoon that I just found out is actually CLAYMATION after a little research on YouTube. Today is a big day for my little sister as she is heading to Russia to study and learn the language for a year! I will miss her, obviously, but I’m very excited for her as well – and also very excited to visit. She’ll be in St. Petersberg and it’s going to be GREAT.

So when I was in Michigan the weekend before last, we had a little going away party for her. And no party with my family is complete without a cake from Patisserie Parmentier. No, sir. We actually had three cakes at this party – one from Parmentier with Cheburashka and two others from Market Fresh in Southfield, Mi. Here is one of those cakes that we thought was going to be chocolate on the inside, but unfortunately was not:

But back to Cheburashka! Look how much Alexandra likes her cake:

And if you’re wondering what it looked like on the inside, here it is:

Oh, yeah. Good luck in Russia, Sambe! See you soon.


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I promise this blog will not turn into “Amanda’s Work Life on the Internet.” It’s just the timing!

So my little sister came to town last week, she was here for like six days or something. Naturally, I put her to work. We had a lobster roll competition event for Tasting Table and needed some extra help. Since Alexandra happens to be both a lobster roll and a Mermaid enthusiast, she was a great candidate. Basically we stood there and smiled at people, giving out samples and answering questions for a crowd of one thousand people. That is lots. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and say that Tasting Table does a great job at putting together events. I mean, I do events for like 40-75 people on a regular basis but if I had to do something crazy like this with all different vendors on three different floors for 1,000 people – that’s some next level ish. Ha.

Here’s me, doing my job, having a good time. If you’re wondering, there were 15 or so restaurants competing and I probably had like eight lobster roll samples. Thought I was gonna die.

This was some of our table set up, which I thought was pretty. I love our branding. Mermaids are cool.

And here are our lobster roll sliders. You can get them at Happy Hour & a Half if you’re interested. Which you should be.


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I love Christmas and I love Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. Every year we go to my Aunt Sylvia’s for some (or a lot of) yummy foodz and family time and a Christmas gift exchange game. We fight about the rules every year. It’s great.

First, look at the beautiful cake my mom picked up at Mrs. Maddox Cake Shop:

The cake got a liiiittle messed up during transportation which is why it only says “ery Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas,” but you get the idea.

There’s always tons of food at the family gatherings. Each year there’s some variation but the main staples are always: pierogies, kielbasa, and cheesy potatoes. My family is Polish and we make some great pierogies.

And here’s some of my family milling around the table:

My cousin Danielle likes to be front and center:

And of course we have lots of treats. Chocolate cherry cake:

Pumpkin cake:

Sugar cookies from Maddox:

All the treats:

We played the present game we always play, which my aunt just informed me is called “Dirty Santa.” This year the theme was “favorite things” and we were instructed to bring, guess what, a favorite thing. Some items were: a Sonic gift card, a giant basset hound figure, fuzzy socks, a coloring book with crayons, a remote controlled Ferrari (which my grandma brought, of all people) and a ShamWow. Hilarious.

My gift was something I picked up last week at Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn. It’s a Kreepy Doll from the Kreepy Doll Factory and I thought this guy was the cutest. I love creatures and this was perfect to be a “favorite thing” for me to contribute to the game. And then of course, I fought like hell to get him. I can always count on my sisters to get my back and scheme with me so we end up with what we want.

Look at my baby:

I love him. Oh, and that’s my little sister at the top. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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