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A lot of things happened last night which have put me in kind of a strange place today. I can tell you about the good things that happened though.

Central Park; one of the greatest things about New York. Another great thing about this city is the free events. Last night I went a concert to celebrate the parks, with a Ken Burns documentary and musical performances from Carole King, Eric Benet, Augustana, Counting Crows, Gavin DeGraw and Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas and Peter Yarrow. I must say that I think I missed Augustana completely. Were they playing with the Counting Crows? I was confused. The focus was primarily the documentary and most of the artists only sang or played one song. The Counting Crows, however, sang a few; one of which was Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, which I love. During that song, I jumped off the blanket and went down towards the stage to grab a pic and put some dance in my steps.



It was pretty cool. I love outdoors activities where there’s something going on below and the sky is just sitting there above. I love that. My jet-setting cousin Stephanie met up with me which was nice. She brought some beer and brown bags, which was funny because Mayor Bloomberg was there to deliver a few words. Not too sure how he’d feel about that.

I love Central Park and I love New York.

And now I will disappear…

Not really, I’m just a little sad today. Tomorrow should be better.

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