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Well, unless you live under a rock in the middle of Timbuktu, you probably are aware there was this thing called “Hurricane Irene” everyone in New York City was preparing for this past weekend. It ended up slowing down to just a tropical storm, but when we thought it was going to destroy the city, Mayor Bloomberg shut down the subway system and instructed people to prepare for the worst. And people did. Stocked up on flashlights, batteries, candles and nonperishable food items, filled bathtubs with water, etc. I went to Trader Joes Saturday morning before they closed early and picked up some things myself – just in case.

The subway being shut down was the worst part of it. Restaurants and stores had to close simply because their staff couldn’t get in or they wouldn’t be able to get home. You couldn’t travel anywhere because you weren’t sure if you could get back. You were grounded to your neighborhood. But luckily, there were a few places still open for brunch –like Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill. I’ve been there before for the hamburger, but this time I got myself some french toast when I met up with my friend Donny. Life was all good.

Afterward, I made sure to stock up on wine and chocolate chip cookies on my way home. I mean, I had to be prepared.

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I’m pretty sure it’s been awhile since my last hamburger and sometimes, a hamburger is exactly what you need. Even if you’re in a cute little French restaurant. French food? Nah, please give me the hamburger. At Bar Tabac (in my neighborhood, hayyyy!) I was just hoping for one foursquare tip about their hamburger and I found one, so I told myself ordering the burger was okay. The burger is actually called “The Late Night Giant Bar Tabac Burger” and I get where they were going with that but it was not late night, it was actually prime time: 7 pm on a Saturday. But same thing. It was delicious and the fries were also phenom. So there ain’t no shame on ordering a burger here.

We also got some pasta because the way we do things around here is order two entrees and then do a splitzies.

Fettuchini carbonara with bacon and mushrooms. Hayy. I’m so glad I have friends who don’t think it’s completely absurd to share their entrees with me and vice versa.

Also, this restaurant is C-U-T-E. It was also the first location Missy made a reference to “Babe City.” I will be coming here again.

A demain! (French for see you tomorrow)

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