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My first meal in Texas was barbecue. At a gas station. Yes, yes. My dad took me to Rudy’s BBQ and I ended up eating there three times over the five days. Twice were for breakfast – build your own breakfast tacos; I did egg, potato, and brisket. SO GOOD. And the first time was for dinner.

A pulled pork sandie:

It was so good I didn’t even need to add barbecue sauce. Also, everyone at Rudy’s was so nice – another reason we kept coming back. I did not mind being chatted up at 8 a.m. while I was waiting for my breakfast taco(s). And they played good country music and they had ESPN on the TVs and there were a billion long tables with checkered table cloths:

AND they have a “country store” inside. Cause it’s also an actual gas station. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME.

My only question… Rudy’s… why you not tweet me back?! I declared my love for them a few times over twitter and they did not respond. Boo.  I still love them anyway I guess since the food is so good (and cheap, btw – I gotta get me out of New York. Ok not really. At least not today.)

(PS Rudy’s you can still tweet at me now!)

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