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Okay, so it was actually called “Tony’s Hut.” But to us girls, this place will forever be known as the “Swiss Family Robinson Bar.” One of the great things about staying on the Seven Mile Beach on Negril is that you can just walk down the beach and pop in to wherever you want. And one night we were walking and we came across this little gem. It’s a part of a hotel, Gatehouse Villa, but the bar itself was the cutest we had ever seen. And also, there were hammocks.

It just feels like you’re in a treehouse. And they have board games. It’s just the cutest. And this is Tony:

He was cool. We went to Tony’s more than once and one time Kayti asked, “Are you here EVERY day?” to Tony and he replied, “Sure, I have nothing better to do.” Oh, Tony. You can tell Tony is loved too, from all of the tshirts and trinkets people had brought him from all over for him to hang in the bar.

Oh, to be in a treehouse bar on the sand…

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The Bosco

I enjoy going out in Detroit. Drinks are cheap and the vibe is fun. For example: The Bosco in Ferndale. It’s a good time.

They have a back porch and fun drinks. What else do you need, really?

My older sister had a drink called Tang, which as you can guess is orange flavored. I had a drink with red wine and I don’t remember what the rest of the crew got. It was all good though.

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Hello. Do you miss me? I miss you.

There I am back at the Frying Pan. On one of the hottest days ever, September 1st. How about that. It was nice and cool being on the water, but when we left and walked for a few blocks to the nearest Pinkberry, we melted a little bit.

This time at the Frying Pan we got some food:

Um…. I was really looking forward to my burger (if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post) and it fell below par. Dry and bland. Definitely no Shake Shack and definitely no BLT Burger. Sad day.

But the Frying Pan is still a great, great spot. I have a feeling Kelly got better pictures than I did:

Gorgeous night.

Today my friend Leah comes to town and she’s never been to NYC before so it’s going to be all kinds of excitement. Not sure where we’re going to get dinner tonight, but I’m sure you’ll find out tomorrow. :)

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Last week I felt like I hadn’t gone out in a long time, so what did I do? Grabbed my girl Missy Kayko for some beers. We went to dinner and then our favorite secret spot, and then somehow ended up at McSorley’s Old Ale House. McSorely’s is famous because it’s been there since 1854! It’s OLD! And they only serve their light and dark McSorley’s Ale and they give you two smallish mugs for $5.

It’s super cute inside too, with black and white photos and newspaper clips covering the wall. The ladies restroom is a converted closet from when the days women weren’t permitted (which, by the way they weren’t permitted until 1970). Crazy. And Fun. Lots of characters inside, and on this particular day it was lots of characters mad at LeBron James for not choosing to come to New York. This huge man kept slamming down his glass and we thought for sure it was going to break. We also stole some saltines and a pickle from this man when we thought he left… but then he returned! Oops!

Good times. I will go back to McSorley’s, especially since the tables are communal if you have smaller groups, so you’re forced to meet new people. :)

Oh… and in regards to that picture of oysters I posted on Friday from Birmingham, Michigan – this is how oysters are supposed to be served:

From the Mermaid Oyster Bar, natch. Kumamoto, Shibumi, Wellfleet, and two more from Washington whose name I don’t remember. YUM.

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I don’t know this girl. But I’m sure we could be friends. Look at her, waving over her friends to join her on top of this boat/bar called the Frying Pan. We went last week and it was INSANE:

This is not even a third of the place. It is HUGE. One giant boat and two other little ones attached to it. And in that picture you can see a ceiling, and above that ceiling is another level of the boat, where Kelly, D, and I ended up sitting when it got dark.

KP and a warm Corona. That’s right, warm. Delicious. We’ll forgive the Frying Pan this once. They also have food, which smelled delicious, but luckily for us I had an entire box of strawberries in my bag, so we sufficed with that.

Here’s a picture of one of the smaller boats from where we were sitting:

It was such a gorgeous night and I can’t wait to go back to the Frying Pan, hopefully on a weekday. Better yet hopefully on a weekday afternoon. If it wasn’t for that whole work thing…

And now it’s the weekend. I have noooo idea what I’m doing so far. I’m sure I’ll find myself in some sort of adventure, though. Have a good one!

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This is me with one of my best girlie friends from college, Nora. And this picture reminds me of college. I love it. She’s been here this weekend and I currently have almost 300 pictures to go through to figure out what was the best of the best to put on City Mitten. It’s really been too much fun. We went to PDT on Saturday night with P and it was soooo much fun. Saturday was so perfect. PDT has the coolest cocktails (even if Nora and P are bigger fans of beer) and we had a table to ourselves towards the back so we had hilarious conversations pretty much the entire time. And I took two flash pictures before I got lelled at. I wouldn’t have taken the flash pictures at all had we not been in the back, but I figured I’d give it a shot. So that happened.

The final flash photo I took:

Yes, we ordered tater tots at approximately 1 a.m. We also ordered David Chang and Wiley dogs:

David Chang is THE Restaurant man in NYC so you’re pretty much gonna like anything with his name on it. This particular creation (right) is a deep-fried hot dog, wrapped in bacon, and covered in kimchi. The Wiley dog (left) had fried mayonnaise. Yep.

PDT is the ish. It’s a not-so-secret-but-still-secret bar and every time I take people, they are nothing but impressed. I don’t give away my *real* secrets, but PDT has a page on NY Mag (the comments are hilarious, btw) and a review in Time Out New York, so I’m not going to worry about it. :)

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First: this is the jam you need to listen to while you read this post: D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. A lot of times I come onto City Mitten and tell you I’ve found a new favorite thing. Well, you can add this one to the list: Brooklyn Bowl.

Brooklyn Bowl is a new bowling alley in Williamsburg. It’s also a bar. And a restaurant (serving Blue Ribbon food!). And a concert space. It is amazing. It’s huge and the walls are wooden and the classic bowling theme is done well. It’s truly beautiful.

Basically, I’m thinking of having my birthday party here. And if I don’t, then you should. Because it is awesome.

We went to Brooklyn Bowl for the Hot Chip afterparty/dj set. They had a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier in the evening. Oh, and that’s them djing in that top picture. Hot Chipppppp!

Um, I guess this is the part where I tell you how long we waited outside and how freezing it was. There was a group of nine of us and we waited outside for at least a half hour. We were pretty miserable but we learned our lesson that we will pass on to you: If you’re going to an event/show at Brooklyn Bowl, buy your tickets ahead of time.

Once we finally got in, I was super impressed. Just thought to myself, “Yes, this is Brooklyn. I love you.” I also couldn’t get over the number of good-looking people in attendance. Hello.

We Are Wolves came on and did a live show first and they were a bunch of crazy cats with crazy hats. Totally fun:

They were cool. Oh my goodness I cannot believe how much I was dancing! It helps a lot to have some of your favorite people around, but the overall atmosphere was just fantastic. Big ups to my friends Jodi and Sophia because they had been walking around Manhattan allllll dayyyy and still got down pretty good.

Hot Chip came out probably around 2, with a bunch of their crew dancing on stage. I loved it. The dance floor is huge and everybody was dancing, doing their own crazy thing and it was so much fun! I think the last time I stayed out that late dancing was on a Spring Break trip to Cancun in college. Ha!

Moral of the story: Brooklyn Bowl was definitely the best thing I did this weekend. And yes, I did watch the Superbowl. :)

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Remember when I had a new favorite bar called Lillie’s? Last week was pretty cold and all I wanted was some chicken pot pie. So me and my lunch date Lisa went to Lillie’s last week. She had some fish n chips, which actually sounds kind of good right now, and I got my chicken pot pie. I just love how pretty Lillie’s is.

It was really weird to be there when it was on the empty side because at night it is totally packed. I want to go back here again. And again. I just love how long the bar is and as I said, it’s so pretty!

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Um, I have a new favorite restaurant in Park Slope. It’s called Bogota Latin Bistro & Mojito Restaurant and my question to you is why am I not there right now?

My friend Mara introduced me to this place on Saturday night and it was perfect for splitting a bunch of small plates/appetizers. We had Elote Asado: grilled corn, chipotle mayo, queso fresco and lime juice. Mara told me about a guy¬† she knows who just doesn’t like cheese. At all. And I must tell you, my friends, that that is a DEALBREAKER. Haha.

And the other appetizer that I am now obsessed with is the Papa Criolla: Colombian bite-sized potatoes with salsa rosada, which was like a dipping sauce (something about Latin 1,000 island dressing?)

Yay for blurry pictures! The potatoes were good and the sauce made them even better. It reminded me a lot of the sauces you can get with your french fries at Pommes Frites. Geeze, I haven’t made it there in ages. Put that on my list of to-dos, please.

We also had rice and beans and some gauc and Mara had a Caipirinha or two and I started with a Strawberry Mojito for reasons I do not know, as I do like strawberries but neither mint nor lime. Opps. It just sounded nice, I guess. But then I pretended it was summer and ordered a Strawberry Colada and it made everything better.

Excellent choices, all around.

I like this place, lots, and I can’t wait to go there again. The ambiance is really fun.

I’m going to blame my drinks for the blurriness of all of these pictures. Notice how my first picture was completely fine but it just goes downhill after that. After Bogota, we went to my new favorite bar in Park Slope: Union Hall, which everybody and their brother already goes to but it was the first time for me. It’s huge and it looks like a library inside and there’s bocce ball and bands play downstairs. We met up with some people before going to Bar 4 and crammed seven of us in one car to get there, which I remembered yesterday while sitting in my kitchen. Can it be Saturday again, please? Sometimes it is just too much fun. :)

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I love my friends. These people are not allowed to leave the city, ever. I love walking into a room and laughing within the first five seconds. They are just so great! It had been a few weeks since I had seen these two lovely ladies, MK and MB and let’s just say we had lots to catch up on. :)

And this is also my new favorite bar. It’s called Lillie’s it’s on 17th street, and it’s the cutest.

I love high ceilings and I totally dig their style. They had some really cool Victorian paintings in the back and along the walls. A bunch of us met up here to see our friend Jackie who was back in town. We were all talking and all of a sudden she goes, “I smell french fries.” Haha. The girl next to us had them and they were quite distracting.

It was really hot inside though, so I asked for a glass of water and this is what the bartender came back with:

Have you ever seen a bigger jug of water? At a bar, no less? It was about the size of my head and it was fanf*cking tastic. Seriously, I cannot tell you how hot it was inside that bar.

Oh, I also want you to meet my friend Erin. She’s the coolest and she runs a really awesome NYC fashion blog with her friend Lani.

Check her out.

I’m feeling good. I love my friends, I love our love lives and I especially love living in NYC.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend!

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