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Hello everyone! I just got back from the most fabulous weekend in Boston, but those posts will have to wait to start tomorrow because what do we have here? Mister Softee is back! Yay! NYC is so strange. I swear ten days ago it was winter and now it’s skirts, sandals, sunglasses, and Mister Softee season. Not sure what happened to Spring.

Most of the ice cream trucks in NYC are Mister Softee trucks and they serve all kinds of soft serve creations. And if you get them in Battery Park aka Touristville, you can pay twice as much! My single cone with sprinkles was four dollars. Holla. Julianne got a double, which is two cones fused into one and it was a whopping six dollars. Holla. And she lost half of it to the ground.

Julianne is a City Mitten Superstar. We had a girlie chat the other day down at Battery Park and watched the sun go down behind Lady Liberty. No big deal.

It’s funny how far away the Statue of Liberty always looks in these pictures, but it’s really right there and larger than life from those benches. So we had some chats and some laughs.

I love summer. And Boston, which I’ll get to tomorrow. :)

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