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It’s true. And here is me at the Battle of  San Jacinto monument, which happens to be the tallest monument in the US (taller than the Washington Monument!). I went to the top of it and I watched a 30 minute video on the battle, as well. You betcha. Also, there was a woman working the elevator, sitting on a chair reading a book and sometimes pressing buttons between the lobby floor and the lookout floor and we learned she had been working the elevator for 14 years. FOURTEEN YEARS IN AN ELEVATOR. No, thank you.

We also visited Battleship Texas:

This was pretty cool. I’m not sure if I’ve ever explored a ship before but basically there was NOBODY on it except for us and like one other person and you got free reign to walk around it, climb up a few levels and also go downstairs. It was cool-i-o.

And look at these guns:

I love this picture of my dad. So yeah, like I said. This was sweet. I obviously have some food posts coming up but I just wanted to use this post to tell you… I went to Texas.

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