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I know you didn’t think I was just going to talk about being touristy yesterday and not actually post pictures of us being touristy at Neuschwanstein.

At first when we got there we were going to take a bus from the bottom of the mountain to the castle and then I was all “Are you kidding?” because we had just sat in a car for over an hour and did not needed to be sitting anymore than that. So we walked alllllll the way up ze hill. Obviously we took pictures along the way too.

Here is a view from inside the castle:

We took a half hour tour through the castle – which is only one third finished by the way. The tour guide really anunciated all the words he said and the boys made fun of him but Nora and I thought it was cute!

After our short guided tour of the castle, we walked (again) out to this teeny tiny bridge high up in the sky and took the following photo:

Oh and look, Alex is missing again.

And since this IS City Mitten afterall, here’s a sugary treat we could have gotten on our way down:

That’s right, I said could. Why nobody got one of these (including myself) is beyond me. I feel like we ate a lot of things in Germany but there were also a ton of things we COULD have eaten. You can’t have everything!

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Glad to be here.

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