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This is not your average cherry pie. This is a cherry pie from Quarters Farm in Albemarle County, Virginia, made from their own cherries AND their own wheat. And it is delicious.

I had the pleasure and the treat to visit Quarters Farm in with my pals Lucy and Susan last weekend. I think I’ve been to a “real” farm (not just somewhere with a barn and horses) one other time in my life, so this was awesome. They have produce and lamb and goats and cows and chickens and guinneas and bees and who knows what else. And I got the whole tour!

Here’s Lucy milking a goat! I milked the goat, too, but I had zero skills and got more milk on my hands than in the bucket.

Instead, I got to know some other goats:

This was after our hike, btw. Hence the Michigan State T, shorts, and tennis shoes. Farm stylin.

They showed us the eggs in their brand-new incubator. Chicken eggs and Guinea eggs, each with notes written on them:

And of course, where there are eggs, there are babies!

This baby Guinea is one day old and in this next picture I look like I’m trying to kill him:

He was such a cutie!

The farm was so pretty:

And they had farm guard dogs:

The dogs sleep all day and stay awake at night to watch the farm. They scare away the deer and Farmer Bill says they’re up all night barking, which lets him sleep because heĀ  knows they are doing their job. Good doggies!

Farmer Bill also showed us some vegetables and taught us about mineralizing soil:

Bill and his wife, Cynthia, were so awesome and they taught us all about bee keeping (which is a HUGE endeavor) and chickens and eggs and goats milk. And not only did we get some of that marvelous cherry pie, we also had burgers from their grass-fed beef and a salad from their garden. Talk about Farm to Table! I think I could handle the farm life. For a little while, anyway. ;)


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Welcome to Winter Restaurant Week in New York City. It started last week and continues through this week (and perhaps beyond if some restaurants extend it, which wouldn’t be tooo shocking). So, let’s have a go, shall we? First up was Tocqueville.

Sometimes I think Restaurant Week is only for middle-aged women, but I think it depends on where you chose to go. I went to Megu last year for Winter Restaurant Week and it was filled with nothing but hotshot couples. But at Tocqueville… well, you can see for yourself.

The complimentary cheese biscuits (which I’m sure is not what they are actually called) were a nice touch.

This is the squash soup which was bright yellow and not orange, as my camera suggests. (MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONTH SOMEBODY BUY ME A BETTER CAMERA.)

Lisa’s app: duck. And yes, that looks like spam behind it.

And now for main courses:

This is the ravioli, which, when they put it in front of me, I was totally like wtf. I mean what is that? Well, once I took my fork to stab it, I realized it was just one giant ravioli! That slippery thing on the bottom was one giant noodle. I don’t think noodle is the right word. Hmm… But it was basically a giant open-faced ravioli. And it was interesting.

Now this is funny. Since this was last week and I did not take notes or upload the pictures right away (lesson learned!) I could not for the life of me remember what Lisa’s main course was. So I texted her and she replied, “that beef thing.” So there you have it, “that beef thing” from Tocqueville. Oh, I am bringing ALL the high brow today! I will tell you that Lisa let me try her “beef thing” and it was better than my ravioli. Just so you know.

And now what really matters: DESSERT!

Okay, so far in my life and the Restaurant Weeks I’ve participated in, I can tell you my favorite desserts have been from Gotham Bar & Grill and Kittichai. They were chocolate cake and they were good. I’m going to throw in Mercer Kitchen on that list too.

Anyway, Tocqueville was pretty good. It was a chocolate “torte” and I liked it. It was tiny.

I lalso earned something very important about myself when I was at Tocqueville: I hate Port. It’s discusting.

Okay, so Tocqueville was pretty good but honestly not good enough to write home about. Now, what might have been good enough to write home about was the LOBSTER the woman at the table next to us ordered. It was quite fragrant and looked pretty nice. Lisa and I kept staring at it. The woman, obviously, was not ordering off the Restaurant Week menu. Fancy lady with her real New York accent.

And guess what, tomorrow I have a fancy dessert to tell you about that I absolutely loved from another restaurant. And it wasn’t chocolate cake! Stay tuned…

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