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I checked into one of my many mobile apps last night and it informed me it was my fourth night in a row at a bar. Umm… at least two were work-related? And, inside scoop, last night I only drank a Coke. BUT on Tuesday, I did drink beer with my ZogSports volleyball team.

In case you’ve been wondering how my team is doing… Well, I don’t *think* we’re going to make the playoffs. But I do think we have a chance for best team spirit!

So after the game on Tuesday we went to the nearby bar where ZogSports sponsors a happy hour. Pitchers were $13, not bad, so we got a few as well as some appetizers (I saw tater tots come out of the kitchen and was like HEY). Anyway, I won’t lie – the happy hour turned out to be way more fun than the actual games. It’s nice getting to know new people and laughing so hard the team next to you tells you to pipe down. Maybe cause they beat us. :). While at the bar, I suggested we play a game. I was actually thinking a “get to know you” game since I’m new to the team but next thing I knew, we were playing flip cup. First time since college? Maybe. Did my team win three times in a row? Definitely.

I love ZogSports.

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Well, since it’s been about TWO WEEKS NOW since Jamaica, I think I can finally do some posts about it. First up would obviously be the Red Stripe. I enjoy Red Stripe. In Jamaica you can drink it in the car, by the way. So we did. We weren’t driving, just so you know.

Jamaica is fun because you can stop and get Red Stripe in pretty much any random building that looks like this:

Tiny huts like this pop up everywhere and they’re bars. Pull over, grab a beer, and you’re out. Two seconds.

Another thing we did when we first arrived was get some jerk chicken and pork ribs at The Pork Pit. This was our driver’s idea and our driver was smart.

These were delicious. There’s a huge grill with pork and chicken and after you order, you bring your ticket to the man and he chops up some good old fashioned meat for ya right there. Thank you.

This was in Montego Bay, right by the airport – if you ever find yourself in Jamaica. I actually thought I’d never go to Jamaica in my life, it just wasn’t on my list, but after this trip, I’m glad I’ve gone and I would recommend it to anyone. And not just because of the ribs.

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I miss Oktoberfest, called “Wiesn” by those in the know aka actually German. Look at me with my friends, minus Alex. And look at this happy face:

I’m not even a huge beer drinker but they were all patient with me and my baby sips. And it’s more fun to drink beer when everyone’s singing songs in German anyway. So yeah, I want to go back. Maybe the boys will invite us for next year.

I can’t get over how cute they all are anyway. Would I mind seeing them all again in their lederhosen? No.

And what about the eats?!

This is Matti destroying a most fabulous, most extremely salty chicken. I mean when you’re sitting there drinking beer, it’s pretty much the only thing you need. Nora was not interested when we ordered them but once I had her try a bite, she was a gonner. Matti says the chicken saves him every time.

And then seven hours later we had:

Sausages! These are NOT like the sausages you get at ballparks, these are freaking delicious and they even have one that is a thousand feet long (ok not really) that I got one time. SO GOOD. And yes, this is the picture I am leaving you with for the weekend. You’re welcome.


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German food doesn’t photograph well, but I’m going to give it another shot. One day Alex and Didi took Nora and I on a tour of Munich and we ended up at Hofbrauhaus. First of all it is HUGE! There were tables and people everywhere and a band and an outdoor garden. It was fun and it was good and we got to hear a waitress tell a guy that if he wanted faster service, he could go to McDonald’s. True story.

Here’s what we got:

And this:

At the top we have pork steak with au gratin potatoes and onions, followed by Bavarian salted pork with sauerkraut. Alex just had noodles with meat sauce and cheese.

Then we have roast pork with crackling served with potato dumplings that had a VERY interesting consistency and a side of spatzle (egg noodles). I’d say the pork steak was my favorite.

We also had beer, of course.

And did you know beer horses are an actual thing? I seriously thought they were just from the Budweiser commercial.

Cheers! And by that I mean Prost!

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We are at Oktoberfest and it is awesome. I love Germany and my German friends and I am so glad we came here! We are having a blast and spending most of the time laughing and drinking beer and eating sausages or chicken. Seriously, all they eat is meat and bread. Meat and bread. It is good but we are also excited because today we are taking a break from all that and getting sushi for lunch.

Do you like our outfits? They are called dindlr (pronounced dindle) and that was the first thing the guys made us do when we arrived was buy them. Now when we go to Oktoberfest everyone thinks we are German until they start talking to us and we just give them funny looks and reply to them in English. It is great. Having a blast. Nora keeps saying everything here for us is a win-win situation. And it is.

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Last week I felt like I hadn’t gone out in a long time, so what did I do? Grabbed my girl Missy Kayko for some beers. We went to dinner and then our favorite secret spot, and then somehow ended up at McSorley’s Old Ale House. McSorely’s is famous because it’s been there since 1854! It’s OLD! And they only serve their light and dark McSorley’s Ale and they give you two smallish mugs for $5.

It’s super cute inside too, with black and white photos and newspaper clips covering the wall. The ladies restroom is a converted closet from when the days women weren’t permitted (which, by the way they weren’t permitted until 1970). Crazy. And Fun. Lots of characters inside, and on this particular day it was lots of characters mad at LeBron James for not choosing to come to New York. This huge man kept slamming down his glass and we thought for sure it was going to break. We also stole some saltines and a pickle from this man when we thought he left… but then he returned! Oops!

Good times. I will go back to McSorley’s, especially since the tables are communal if you have smaller groups, so you’re forced to meet new people. :)

Oh… and in regards to that picture of oysters I posted on Friday from Birmingham, Michigan – this is how oysters are supposed to be served:

From the Mermaid Oyster Bar, natch. Kumamoto, Shibumi, Wellfleet, and two more from Washington whose name I don’t remember. YUM.

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Uh oh… this is my third post in a row that involves drinking. What does that say about me? Haha. Well, at least it’s Friday. :)

This week I went to the Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg. It’s a pretty big beergarden, and one of the few in NYC. A friend of mine was having a guys-only birthday shindig and decided to invite the girlies last minute, and they didn’t have to tell us twice. Five of us ladies arrived together and a bench packed with probably 15 guys confronted us when we walked in. It was quite the scence.

This is Chris, Lucy and Jessica. That’s not even Jessica’s beer.

And of course I had to invite my Resident Beer Appreciater:

Missy Kayko!

If you’re curious about Radegast, most of the beers have German/Belgium roots (duh, it’s a beergarden afterall). It’s fairly large but it gets crazy packed on the weekends (think bridge and tunnel) but it’s definitely perfect for a weekday. I had the Blanche de Bruxelles Witbier, the lightest beer on tap and you can get them in a liter or half liter. The liters are HUGE! It’s not quite Germany, but I’ll take it. :)

In other news… SO GLAD IT’S FRIDAY! Have a good weekend!

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