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So this might be weird and a little embarrassing but um… I like it so… yeah. Bumble is the Abominable Snowman in the animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie. And for some reason, I love him.

One time, I was emailing with Kelly about some boy I liked and she wanted a picture and I accidentally sent her a picture of Bumble instead. Cause you know, I have that on my desktop. And if you can see the teeny tiny icon next to the URL you’re looking at on this page… guess who it is! Bumble!

So there I was at Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan, one of the nicest malls in Michigan if not THE nicest, with lots of quality brands and none of that cheap stuff. And there I was with my mom about to walk out the door when we just HAPPENED to glance inside the Build-A-Bear. BUILD-A-BEAR, PEOPLE! I AM TWENTY FIVE!

Anyway, my mom was actually the one that pointed out the Bumbles to me and I had to investigate, so I picked up a limp Bumble (he had no stuffing in him yet) and I thought, “Am I really considering getting a Build-A-Bear?” And the answer was yes. I just couldn’t let him go. So I went through the crazy process they make the kids go through when they are at a kindergarten classmate’s birthday party. I had to jump up and down and warm up a little red heart to put in his body and make a wish “bigger than any other wish” I’ve ever made. The pressure! I also had the opportunity to give him an original name, which I found to be absurd as this is BUMBLE we are talking about here, the one and only, and he already has a name!

I made Bumble and he got a birth certificate and a little house, and he is with me now actually sitting next to me as I type this. I have problems.

So I love him and I went out to dinner with my mom afterward or the next day or something at a chain actually if you could believe it. We went to Logan’s Roadhouse which is not our favorite except for their warm rolls and I do happen to like their ribs. And so does Bumble.

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