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Okay, this week has been a little weird (I’m about to disable texting on my phone… except not really) so I think I need to leave you with something sweet for the weekend. :)

When Kayti was here we had a horrific brunch at Flatbush Farm and afterward we just felt unsatisfied and kind of like blah. We started walking through the Slope and viola! There was Wafels and Dinges!

I follow Wafels and Dinges on Twitter so I always know where they are, but they’re rarely by me, so to see them when I wasn’t in a crazy rush and when I was looking for something good was pretty fanf*ckingtastic. Kayti didn’t want one, so I knew she was just doubtful, but she hadn’t experienced the amazingness of the Belgian waffle in Belgium this past summer like I had, so I forgive her.

You don’t even need the dinges (toppings such as fruit, chocolate, etc..). The Liège waffle is perfect on its own. Light and gooey and a little crunchy. Just add a bit of powdered sugar on top and you’re good to go.

And by the way, I didn’t know how to say it because it’s Liège with an accent thingy over the first “e” (which I just figured out how to use on here, by the way) so I tried to be slick and just ordered “the second one” but the dude saw right through me and made me try to say it… which I actually succeeded in, thank God, since I only took how many years of French and remember none of it now…

And guess what, Kayti tried mine and wished she would have gotten one for herself. But it wasn’t a problem ’cause I like to share. :)

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You know what I love, right? Hot chocolate! My friend Andrea knows cause recently she sent me a box filled with all kinds of hot chocolate mixes. Look at this most beautiful thing I made a few nights ago, with some of the hot choc she sent me and my chocolate liqueur I got in Belgium. Those little dark chocolate pieces on the top? I got those in Belgium, too. I had been waiting forever to use them and when I remembered I had whipped cream in my fridge, it was so on.

The whipped cream got really melty before I was able to try it. Mmm…

And yes, that is an “A” for Amanda on that mug. I love this mug. I bought it years ago at Anthropologie when I was with my friend Eugene, who got an “E” one for himself. I think of it every time I use it.

So good!

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Brussels sucks. Not really much else I can say about it. It’s wayy too touristy or something. And all the chocolate shops are not mom and pop chocolate shops like they were in Antwerp and Bruges, they are all Godiva, and guess what; that’s lame. So basically, don’t go there.

We tried to go to the TinTin museum TWICE and it did not happen. It’s actually a museum about the creator of TinTin and all his other works too but I just wanted to go there for TinTin and we failed. We took the wrong train the first day and when the guy collecting tickets looked at ours, his eyes almost fell out of his head. Then he spoke to me in either French or Flemmish (or both) and I just starred at him til he told us to get off and go to platform D at the next stop. Well, there was no platform D at the next stop so we just got off and rode the same train back and went shopping instead.

Today was our second attempt, but this time we were cutting it wayyy too close with our flight to Berlin. By the time we finally got to the correct stop, we had to turn around and go all the way back again. It was a lot farther than we had anticipated. And so we made another train dude’s eyes fall out of his head when he saw us on the same train after it had made its last stop and turned around again.

Oh, well. No TinTin for me. There was, however, a tiny little store in Brussels and I bought two little reusable TinTin bags which I will be happy to use when I get back into my NYC subway kind of life.

It is WEIRD to not know where the hell I am going all the time. I’m so used to people coming and me telling them where to go and what train to take to get to what and in some of these cities I was absolutely clueless. At least most of the trains are pretty easy to figure out though. Berlin is gonna be easy peasy.

So yes, we are happy to be here because Brussels sucked. The only thing good was that I got to go to Pull and Bear which is this clothing store based in Spain that I actually went to in Athens years ago and was now able to go there again. I just got some weird leggings though, no cool shoes like I did last time.

Belgium as a whole is sweet, it’s just Brussels that isn’t so good. There is one other good thing though:


WAFFLES! I never order waffles in the States. I think they are bland and nothing special and I’d just rather go with something else. But in Belgium, oh no, that is not the case. First we made the mistake of ordering our waffles with chocolate which was just DROWNING the waffles in the damn chocolate and then one day I decided to try one plain and it was the best thing ever!! This one was in Brussels and we bought it out of a truck and it came off so hot that my mom had to set it on the napkin on top of a railing for a little bit. But once we could finally eat it, it was delicious! I don’t know if there’s just sugar on there or what but they are just a perfect, light little treat. It makes me excited because there’s a Belgian waffle truck that goes around NYC and I haven’t tried it yet, but now that I know there really is something to this Belgian waffle thing, you can bet ya I’m gonna find that truck. I mean, I already follow it on Twitter…

Back to TinTin for a sec… another good thing about Brussels (and I swear this is the LAST) is that there are random cartoons drawn on buildings all over the city.

For example.


It’s TinTin! I really cannot believe we never made it to the museum. I mean, watch it wasn’t anything that great, but I mean we tried to go there TWICE! And when will I ever be in Brussels? (NEVER!!!) But, oh well, I can watch TinTin online when I get home all I want and it’ll be exactly the same. Except not.

More cartoons:


Also, the city of Brussels is OBSESSED with this statue and I should probably look up its history but I’m paying for internet by the hour here so it’s not gonna happen.


It’s a boy peeing! Again, I have no clue of it’s significance but I don’t really care, it’s a boy peeing! And this boy was everywhere! I could have bought a thousand little boy peeing statues to bring home to you people. He was everywhere. INCLUDING a Coca Cola Ad on one of their machines in the Brussels airport. Because who wouldn’t want a Cola after seeing a picture of a boy PEEING right on top of it? We didn’t get it.

Aaaand one more cool thing from Brussels. Most of it is really well preserved and there really are some fantastique buildings, but we walked down this one street and I thought this building was the coolest of all:


Au revoir.

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Another day in Bruges. We went on a boat tour through the canals and the tour guide was saying everything in at least three languages. Now, that takes talent. Sometimes I pretend I can speak a little French but there’s no way I could get away with doing that here. Pretty much the only word I’ve understood so far is “chocolat.” Yeah, baby.

Speaking of chocolate, there are literally chocolate shops on every corner. Sometimes two. And they make everything in the weirdest shapes. I’ve seen lots of ducks and things and today we were walking down a street and we saw some chocolate boobies. Out of nowhere. This is not Amsterdam, this is an old medieval town with a lot of history, beautiful cathedrals and chocolate boobies. Weird.

We finally saw an old-fashioned wind mill today which was one of my goals for this trip. And making my mom take pictures of me has produced some hilarious results.


I told my mom to take a picture of me in front of the windmill and she kept making me march further up the hill, saying she couldn’t get both me and the windmill in the picture. Well, she did it! And now I’m the size of my baby toe. Oh, mommy.

Our other feat of the day was climbing the Belfry tower, all 366 steps. Let me tell you, the stairs are narrrrrow. And I have a thing with stairs to begin with, certain ones just freak me out. Once in college I was looking to sublease an apartment for the summer and I immediately dismissed one because I didn’t like the stairs. So, needless to say, as we were trekking up these super steep, super windy and super narrow stairways, I was a little nervous. I just don’t like it when I can’t see around me, I’m just surrounded by endless steps above and endless steps below. Freaks me OUT. But we made it.


Now, in the movie, “In Bruges,” (which I am talking about again because my mom and I seriously just watched it on my computer) you can see the main square by looking down from the tower. Well, I sure didn’t see the main square when I was looking! I think maybe you can see it from some of the lower levels, but you just can’t look straight down from the top. And also they have those barriers, which I’m wondering if they’ve been added since the movie or if they were there before. Anyway, it was QUITE a long way to the top and the hardest part was that people were using the same staircase to go up and down so sometimes it seemed almost impossible for you to pass someone without knocking them (or yourself) down all 366 stairs. Somehow, we survived.

And here’s a picture of exactly what we conquered.


Alright, next stop: Brussels!

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First, I must apologize, for I am wearing practically the same thing in every picture so far. Perhaps this will change. Perhaps not. Maybe at least I’ll start wearing mascara.

We are in Bruges and if you haven’t seen that movie, I suggest that you should. It’s pretty stellar.

Now, would you like to see the view from the room in our hotel?


Yep, it’s gorgeous. We have a huge window in our bedroom and also in the bathroom and I leave them wide open and the breeze comes in and it is just so LOVELY. I wonder what it takes to get a view like this in New York. I mean, my view of Prospect Park is pretty nice, but…


So I like it here. Would you like to take a carriage ride with me?


Dinner on a Canal?


Or maybe chocolate penguins are more your thing?


Let me know, ’cause I’m down.

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centraal station

When I pick which photos I want to include in my posts, I “flag” the ones I like most when I upload them in iPhoto. Right now I have 50 “flagged” photos. It’s just too beautiful here.

This morning we spent some more time in Antwerp, our first stop in Belgium. Unfortunately it was a Sunday so a lot of the shops were closed. But we did get to check out the Cathedral of Our Lady and it was pretty impressive. And huge. When we first stopped in, it was Mass so we had to come back later to look at all the paintings and architecture.

cathedral of our lady


I’m about to change the name of this blog to, “My Mom Turns Around in Pictures.” Seriously, she NEVER lets me take pictures of her. And she thinks it’s a game, since you can CLEARLY tell she’s got a big ol’ smile in this picture. So, thanks for coming to Europe with me, mom, and all the pictures I now have of your ponytail. Haha.

Myself, on the other hand… I do not mind sitting pretty for a picture in church. I mean, really, when am I going to be here again?


The other thing we did today in Antwerp was buy some chocolates (and eat them). They had chocolates in the shape of the cathedral and in the shape of hands from some legend about a giant who would cut off people’s hands if they didn’t pay a toll. And they had chocolates with the letter “A.”


Here’s me at Centraal Station in Antwerp (which is also the picture at the top) waiting for our train to Bruges (or Brugge) with the A’s. They were filled with a darker chocolate that had a bit of a coffee taste to it. So far my favorite chocolates have been just solid dark, white does not do it for me.

And here’s a sign I thought was pretty sweet:


Final note: wish we had a hairdryer.

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Glad to be here.

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