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Time for a regional coffee post! Welcome to Biggby Coffe – from my home state and more importantly, my home school! Biggby was once called Beaner’s and is still based out of East Lansing, Michigan (Go State!). Now there are 125 locations nationwide — many of them in Michigan and one located in my hometown, Birmingham. Awesome!

The menus inside the store are a little too “loud” for me (lots of different bright colors, whacky fonts) but once you figure out what you want – it’s pretty good! I got an iced mocha mocha, as I do.

This is my sister Emily enjoying a mocha mellow (chocolate and marshmallow).

It’s fun because you can sit at tables outside in downtown Birmingham and chitchat about random things like, oh, I don’t know, plan out matching tattoos with your two sisters.

And here is me:

Thank you, Biggby!

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Oysters and ice cream. An interesting combination, no? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In Detroit last weekend, I went to a new restaurant called South Bar in downtown Birmingham and we ordered some Blue Point oysters. I’m becoming a huge oyster fan but I thought it was strange when they were served on salt, not ice. Not a fan.

South Bar is a strange place, anyway. My friend Abby told me it was like a restaurant in Miami and she was not kidding. It had the plush couches on an outdoor deck and seemed very… Miami. Or Meatpacking District. Is this the way downtown Birmingham is heading?

This is the Birmingham I prefer:

Dairy Mat! I’ve been walking (or driving) up to this place from my home since I moved there when I was two. And it’s still exactly the same. And you can get a face on your ice cream cone:

Or a flurry:

Now excuse me while I hunt down the nearest Mister Softee truck.

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Hello. That’s me. And my house in Michigan. My little sister is totally crazy and fun and wears weird things so I bought this awesome hat for her in New York and now she’s refusing to wear it. Everybody was shocked. Even her best friend thought it was weird, cause the hat is obviously awesome. I wore it into Target and everyone stared at me and it was great. I love this hat. I also love these boots which are, guess what, Hunter boots! I got them for Christmas and was so excited! I can’t wait for a rainy day in New York because I plan to wear them all the time.

By the way, the hat is so cool, even my friend Eugene wore it when we were picking out movies at Blockbuster:

So there’s that.

In other news, it’s the last day of 2009 and I am back in New York City. Thank goodness. My girl Abby is here and we have some major plans so everyone have a Happy New Year and be safe! See you in 2010! :)

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