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It’s been a very exciting past few days but  today City Mitten is gonna take a break from the eats (well, sort of: see below) and give you a final Boston wrap-up. Number three of Things I Wanted to do in Boston was walk around aimlessly, so here it is. :) Well, it wasn’t so aimlessly. That little book in my hand is a guide to the Freedom Trail, which we walked. It’s a long walk and on it we saw many things.

Like graveyards! Man, tombstones used to be so badass. With skulls and angels and demons and scary things. We are so boring these days.

I made a new friend.

We ran into a market.

Boston is so pretty.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures from my travels in Boston! Tomorrow: back to regular programming. :)

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Have you ever seen a cone like this? Because I haven’t. I worked at a really awesome ice cream shop in East Lansing, Mi and we certainly did not have these. Or these:

Cereal on ice cream cones! What a friggin fantastic idea! I’ve never really been a fan of Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Puffs, but I would probably eat them on a cone. Emack and Bolio’s has all kinds of fancy cones and it was the cone that made me stop dead in my tracks on the street when I saw a woman holding one on Newbury Street. D wanted ice cream and I told him he was getting one of those cones. So he did.

I am such a proponent of supporting mom and pop ice cream shops (especially after having worked at one for 3 years), I forgive Emack and Bolio for the inside reminding me of Ben and Jerry’s:

And I especially forgive them because D got a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream on a rice krispie cone, he shared it with me, and it was delicious:

Oh my. I will be going here again.

One more post on Boston left and then we’ll be back to regular City Mitten programming. Thanks for tagging along! :)

EDIT: Emack and Bolio’s is not so much a mom and pop shop afterall! After seeing someone check in on Foursquare at a location in NYC, I have discovered that it is originally from Boston but it has locations in Florida, Illinois, Mass, Tennesee and NY!

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Not all lobster rolls are made of lobster. This one, for example, is basically a giant cream puff. Cream and strawberry filling sandwiched between two biscuits. And ain’t it purdy?

Mike’s Pastry is a madhouse. I mean look at all the people outside. It’s a complete mobscene inside, too, with all kinds of lines in all kinds of directions. Luckily there was a woman somewhat directing traffic, but there was still the problem of not being able to see anything. There are cases and cases of baked goods and there are so many people you can’t see all the options. You can’t even see half. I tried to do some poking around but there were just too many bodies in the way and you can only push so many people. :)

Mike’s is most famous for their cannolis. Unfortunately, cannolis is one of probably four things that I actually don’t care for. Next time I may try one of their crazy flavors (since they have so many!) but I was not in the mood so I asked what they were second best known for. Ha. And that’s how I got the “lobster roll” above! I ended up carrying it around in my bag for the rest of the day and when we got back to the apartment it was good as new. It was kind of hard to eat, though! But I got the job done. Ended up eating some of it that night and a little bit of it in the morning. The boys thought I was weird to have it for breakfast, but come on now. I’d have ice cream for breakfast.

Anyway, what D and I did order and eat on the spot was something a little more my flavor:

I mean, I don’t know if you can ever go wrong with cheesecake. And chocolate chips happen to be one of my top ten favorite things in the world so it was basically perfect. D rarely eats dessert and he ate almost the whole thing. Mmm. Yeah, that was good.

Another thing I really liked about Mike’s was the packaging:

Isn’t the box so cute?

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Sometimes you need to trust the locals.

As I said yesterday, one of the things I really wanted to do while I was in Boston was to get some clam chowder. D’s friend Mike, who we were staying with, recommended the Barking Crab with the caveat that he didn’t really like seafood. So I didn’t think I wanted to check it out. Flash forward to finding myself faced with the Barking Crab and realizing I wanted to check it out after all.

This place looks like a party. I imagine they take the roof off in the summer but I am such a huge fan of communal dining (sharing tables with strangers) and the mood here was just fun. And it’s on the water.

Unfortunately for us, we both got the clam chowder, which I’d say was not as good as the two clam chowders I had in Florida (not to mention the one at Mermaid Inn). I did, however, see other people with crab cake dishes and lobster dishes and those just looked amazing. Also, I happened to very much love the crab on the bowl. Too cute. I would love to go back to the Barking Crab. At night. In the summer. Drinking beer. Cracking lobster.

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Uh oh. We know what that is… a lobster roll! And where is it from? James Hook and Co in Boston! BOSTON. I have wanted to go to Boston for years. I’m not sure why, but I had the feeling I would really like it. So last weekend D and I decided at the last minute to pack up and go for the weekend. Man, I love the freedom we have. So Boston it was. And a lobster roll was the first thing on the docket.

Luckily D doesn’t mind when I play tour guide because there were only three things I really wanted to do in Boston: 1) Get a lobster roll. 2) Get clam chowder 3) Walk around aimlessly. Of course we did all three. Here is number 1.

I read about James Hook and Co. somewhere and it was the lucky winner for our lobster roll breakfast on Saturday. Yep, breakfast. Why not?

I kind of love this picture of D checking out the lobsters. There were so many and they were huge!

Huge I tell you! Those poor babies… I wonder if they know they’re about to get eaten. Poor things… but they are delicious.

At James Hook and Co, the lobster roll is a whopping $12. I challenge you to find a cheaper lobster roll in the US. Welcome to Boston, City Mitten. I love lobster. But now I’m going to say something I don’t really want to say but I have to: I like Luke’s Lobster in NYC better. And it’s not just because I’m an NYC snob. Or Because I follow Luke’s on Twitter. It’s just better! I like the little added spice at Luke’s and the toasted bread. BUT if you tell me I have to eat James Hook and Co lobster rolls for the rest of my life, I will not complain, because they are good, they just aren’t Luke’s. Is this blasphemy? I don’t think so because Luke drives in their lobster from Maine, so it’s pretty legit. Anyway! What I really wanted to try at James Hook and Co and didn’t was their stuffed scallops and stuffed clams and clam chowder and lobster chowder. So I need to go back and try all of those. And maybe get something by the lb. And prepare it for myself? Ha, that’s funny.

Really, it’s all good in the hood. I mean will you look at that pile of lobster? Nothing to complain about here.

I’ve got lots more love for Boston coming up after this… not gonna lie I could probably live there one day. ONE DAY I said! :)

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