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Happy birthday, Jordan! This girl was a little upset I hadn’t blogged about her birthday dinner the other week yet so here it is. And more of this girl on City Mitten coming up.

For her birthday, some of us girlies took Jordan out to Buttermilk Channel. Excellent choice and now Brooklyn favorite.

Above is Jordan with her birthday “cake” – chocolate chunk bread pudding with salted chocolate butterscotch. It was very nice. And now I will guide you through half of the menu.

Hush puppies:

I made Jordan hold the glass to show you A) her pretty nail polish and B) the size of the hush puppies. Just so you know. They were teeny tiny. And now, a beverage:

The Chelanga: Milagro tequila, honey, grapefruit, and jalapeƱo with a lime salt rim. And pretty! I love pretty cocktails. I had a Shenandoah Fizz myself, because I’m pretty down with aperol cocktails with sparkling wine and orange bitters. Oh, and Dolin Vermouth Blanc, too.

Back to foods. Duck meatloaf:

Why yes, that is a giant onion ring on top.

Caputo’s fresh linguini with sweet peas, spring onion, green garlic toasted bread crumbs, chile oil and pecorino:

I tried a bit of it, delicious.

And now what half of the table ordered: chicken and waffles!

Oh, chicken and waffles (with bonus of my fizz cocktail on the upper left). I never heard of chicken and waffles until I moved to New York. And I never tried it until I had brunch at the Stanton Social when my friend (now roommate)’s parents came to town and took us all out to a fancy tapas brunch. They were delicious then and they were delicious now. You can barely even see the waffles in this picture as there’s half a chicken on top of it, but I assure you they are there. This dish also makes your table smell quite nice. Very good. And since there’s half a chicken on your plate, you can almost guarantee they’ll be some left over to take home. Bonus next day lunch!

Also, I have heard many a time that Buttermilk Channel also has kick-ass brunch. So now you’ve heard it, too. And I need to check it out.

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Who loves brunch? Me, me, me! I’ve actually seen Twitter bios where people say “I don’t like brunch.” Sad for you! I mean… NYC brunch can be cray cray and sometimes you have to wait 3.5 hours but when brunch is good, it is good. And it was good at Bakin’ & Eggs in Chicago! So good.

We have the roasted veggie frittata for Miss KMD. And a little chicken apple sausage is hiding. Here whole plate was so good and I know because I hate half of it. What I ordered was a bit too much like a dessert to have for breakfast (imagine me saying that) and soon you will see.

This is Nora’s Southern Comfort Bowl. Yep. What it’s called. Two eggs (overeasy here) with potatoes, cheddar, biscuit and gravy. Southern Comfort indeed. What you see behind it creepin’ is called a flight of bacon.

So we’ve got a few different kinds of bacon here. Maple pepper, jalapeno, honey, mesquite, and cherry smoked. Actually not entirely sure which ones I tried but I did steer away from the jalapeno. I was expecting the bacon to be that really thick kind like applewood smoked bacon, but I’m actually glad it wasn’t cause the thin kind is what I actually prefer.

And then my dessert for breakfast:

Remember when I wondered aloud to myself (and whoever reads this) about bread pudding turned into french toast? Well now I know because that’s what this is. I’m pretty sure there were chocolate chips in it too. It was delicious, but five bites or so goes a long way. Which is why I ate half of Kayti’s instead. We took the lovely french toast (what it’s actually called) home and I hope Nora ate the crap out of it later.

And if you’re wondering if they know how to make their lattes pretty at Bakin’ & Eggs the answer is YES.

Bakin’ & Eggs is GOOD STUFF, people. Would be my new go-to brunch location if it were not in Chicago. Chicago, I do love you!

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There’s NYC restaurant week and then there’s Dine in Brooklyn – a Brooklyn-specific restaurant week. And it’s hopping. Everybody knows Brooklyn is where the best new restaurants are at. So my friend Stacy planned a dinner for us and my roommate/friend Lucy at Bino Brooklyn, which was – surprise – also near my neighborhood! Being in walking distance to tons of fabulous restaurants is a very new thing to me as coming from living on the “other side” of Prospect Park before. (But Prospect Park, I do miss you so.)

Above we have the meatballs with Marinara & Caciocavallo. DELISH. The best appetizer since the other crazy ladies with me got salads. Let’s be real.

Our main courses I got blurry pictures of (go me!). Except for Stacy’s salmon – which as you can guess, looked like salmon. Lucy and I traded our entrees – she had hen w/ zucchini and pine nut spaetzle (spaetzle is apparently in, I’m not gonna complain) and I had bucatini with prosciutto or at least that’s what it says on their website but for some reason I am remembering it to be more like bacon. Anyway, that was the clear winner in the entrees.

And then we have dessert!

Key lime cheesecake, which unfortunately did not want to cooperate for this photo and promptly fell apart. That was delicious. And then:

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not chocolate cake. It’s chocolate bread pudding with vanilla gelato. (I do like bread pudding on occasion.) It was huge and it was very spongey and very chocolatey and quite good, naturally. I am also a fan of the chocolate sauce. Lucy and I definitely could have split one, but we didn’t. I couldn’t finish the whole thing actually, but I can’t say I only made a dent either. So that was good. I enjoyed Bino Brooklyn and will likely go back for a non-dine in Brooklyn experience. The staff was friendly and I especially appreciated the owners/managers sincere thank you for dining with us on our way out. It really makes me want to return. Oh, and for the food too.

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It’s story time! Once upon a time, I lived in this tiny little craphole in the East Village. It was the East Village and that part was nice, but it was a craphole so it wasn’t. I rarely invited friends over, because it was a craphole AND there was nowhere to sit. I had guests sleep in the kitchen. Yep. Welcome to New York!

Anyway, one dark and cold winter night, I was walking home from The New School for Social Research (graduate degree I’m not using, what!) and I happened upon the good ol’ Dessert Truck near Cooper Square.

I approached the truck with hope and ordered a molten chocolate cake to go, asking if it would still be warm by the time I made it home. The sir promised me it would and when I got home I discovered that he was right! Used my plastic spoon and took a picture of said molten chocolate cake and sent it to my momma. Success.

I found out a while back that The Dessert Truck had gotten a storefront, Dessert Truck Works and a recent video from Amy Blogs Chow prompted me to finally go check it out. With my momma, of course.

That sign is cute! We went for the chocolate bread pudding and their espresso panna cotta:

Oh man. We almost died. For real. I need to go back there. And you need to go there too. Or stop at the truck and carry it all the way home. :)

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Surprisingly enough, I have never written about Posto, one of my first favorite restaurants when I moved to the city. It was a block away from my first apartment (in StuyTown) and I have been there with many a’friend. And it’s definitely the first place I think of when I want a good Greek salad. In Detroit, you can get a Greek Salad at what seems like pretty much any restaurant in the city. When I moved here, I remember being shocked at how hard it was to find one on a menu (besides in Astoria, but how often do I feel like trekking out there?). So this one is pretty good. Lots of vegetables and a heap of feta, paired with olive oil and vinegar. I could eat in any day of the week. Oh, and they also have pizza:

We ordered two individual pizzas; one meatlovers (which I hate ordering, the word “meatlover” sounds so gross) and one fromaggio bianco (fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella, spinach, and basil). I actually think my favorite here is the Meatball Classic, but we didn’t get it this time around. We did, however, get some bread pudding for dessert:

Cause that was necessary. The butter/sugar combination on the plate turned into a glaze that you could pick up with your fork. It’s all a little much. But it’s also a little good. And Posto is cute! You sit outside on picnic tables, which we snagged no problem, eating that day an old person’s dinner of 5 p.m. Score!

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Yesterday was the Chile Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There was a Chocolate Chile Cabana, so naturally, I had to check things out. In my hand, here is some Chocolate Chile Ice Cream and a ginger cookie. It was one of the items in the Peppers ‘N’ Chocolate Takedown: an amatuer cooking contest involving chocolate and chile. Up against the ice cream were chocolate pepper poppers (which were interesting), short rib and mole ravioli, another ice cream creation and some unintelligible brown chunky stuff called “Chocolate Pain.” Seriously, I had no idea what it was. Perhaps there was some meat in it? I cast my vote for the last entry; bread pudding, for which I have also posted a disappearing pan of:


I mean, come on. Just look at those chocolate chips on top. The mole ravioli didn’t stand a chance. It also didn’t help that the ladies gave me the HUGEST slice with a big dollop of whipped cream. Bread pudding. Who knew? I thought for the longest time that bread pudding was, well, pudding. Like rice pudding. Yeck. But bread pudding is very good, especially when it’s chocolate.


In this tent area there were also samples from tons and tons of chocolate companies in the New York, such as Fine and Raw, Mari’s New York, and dun dun dun… Kumquat Cupcakery! I was happy to try one of those tiny babies, even though I would have rather tried a plain chocolate cupcake over a spicy chocolate one. But this was the Chile Fest. And unfortunately they cut up samples that were only cake, so I can not tell you if the frosting was fabulous or not. TBD, I guess.

The above photo are samples of some spicy chocolate from Vere Chocolate, which was, as the sign states, HOT. My nose started to get runny it was so spicy (this does, however, also happen from time to time at Chipotle). The woman warned me it was hot and after I took a bite and agreed, she was like, “Well, this is the Chile Fiesta, isn’t it?” Yes, ma’am.


And will you look-ey here. Chocolate stout! Why, I never! I would have loved to sample a glass (plastic cup?) of this curiosity but am currently… how you say… broke. Broke, broke, broke. I must be financially conscious and chocolate stout was, unfortunately, not in the budget.

But what WAS in the budget was this awesome new tattoo I got on my way out!


There were other activities going on at the BBG for the Chile Pepper Fiesta: live music, dancing, cooking lessons, exhibitions, etc., but the Chocolate Chile Cabana was the one I paid the most attention to.

Hot stuff, indeed!

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