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I’m not sure if pictures will do this place justice. First off, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co is like a cave on the inside. A very old-timey bar and you give your name to a man who does not write it down but remembers your group in thirty minutes any way. So that’s pretty cool. Also – this is not pizza. This is pizza PIES.

But first.

The world’s best greek salad. Nope, the picture does not do it justice. Nor does it tell you it’s size but it is HUGE! And it comes with two dressings, which the server told us are best when mixed. It was true! One was sour cream based (what?) and I think the other was a vinaigrette. Perfect combination. And everyone at the table liked feta.

Now the pizza pies.

Just kidding. I forgot we got another appetizer. Which was bread – Mediterranean bread – because you’re never eating enough bread when you’re getting pizza. This was delicious, especially when you dipped it in one of the dressings.

And now the pizza pies:

They kind of look like mushrooms. The server actually brings them to you faced down and he then scoops out the plate or whatever was below it. It’s interesting. Your options are meat or no meat. Get the meat. It’s a very homey dish. Not really like pizza, kind of like a lasagne or something. It’s good. But it’s not pizza. So if you’re sitting there thinking, “I can’t wait to eat pizza!” you might be in the wrong place. But the salad and the bread. That’s what you need.

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Sharing is caring! And so it was, that I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Negril, Jamaica, and my birthday dinner at Rockhouse.

One thing cool about many restaurants/hotels in Jamaica is that they will hire a cab or have their own car service bring you there for free. Can you IMAGINE if that were the case in Manhattan? So that was awesome. We took advantage and went to Rockhouse for my birthday dinner. It was raining on and off so unfortunately we weren’t able to sit outside but everything else was perfect.

Say hello to the seafood platter that I split with Nora (after some appetizers, of course!) It included lobster, coconut shrimp, and blackened mahi mahi. Sidenote – I hate when restaurants use the word “platter.” It sounds so unrefined to be like, “Yes, may I please have the seafood PLATTER?” Just gross. But name aside, my seafood combination was fantastic. I’m glad I was able to have some good lobster in Jamaica, since, I don’t know, they catch it right there on the beach, and the mahi mahi was fantabulous as well.

This was Kayti’s rock pot: broth with fresh seafood. But as you can see I’m focusing on the bread. That bread! So think and soft and can you just IMAGINE having it for french toast? So the bread was fabulous for dipping. Oh, somehow I did not get a picture of Andrea’s plate, but she had the snapper, which was a huge thing because Andrea is a strict vegetarian! I appreciated her trying some seafood since we were in JAMAICA and because initially I thought her being a vegetarian might be a bit of a “thing” in Jamaica and she wouldn’t have many options at meals. Well, it turned out to be no big deal at all and she turned out to eat seafood one time, which was fun.

Did I mention this was for my birthday? They sang for me, which was awesome. And us girlies split two desserts and they put a candle in mine.

This dessert was billed to us as “chocolate pudding” but “chocolate pudding” it was not! It was like pudding brownie or something and it was GREAT. ORDER THIS.

And also order this:

Have you ever had coconut creme brulee? Probably not. I am neither a coconut nor creme brulee person but it was pretty fab and my girls who are both coconut and creme brulee basically thought it was the best thing ever. So check it out.

And here’s a semi-blurry picture of us ladies standing by the water:

Uh okay, I meant *really* blurry.

Also, if you’re wondering what Rockhouse looks like during the day:

Uh, yeah. I realize this post is extremely photo-heavy, but this was Jamaica, dang it. So basically Rockhouse is beautiful since it’s on the cliffs. We actually considered staying here and I’m glad we didn’t, just because it seems like much more of a romantic getaway kind of place instead of a four girls want to hang at the beach kind of place. But I am glad we chose Rockhouse for my birthday dinner and I’m glad we went back to see it during the day.

And if I haven’t sold you on Jamaica yet as a destination, I’ve still got two more posts. ;)

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The New Amsterdam Market is back! And it’s way better than last year. Meats, seafood, breads, cheeses, chocolates and wine, as well as many other vendors dishing up some fabulous eats. Here’s some Mozzarella bread, which Laura, Chad, and I each bought for later. The problem is I have no idea which vendor that was.

Here are some apple turnovers that I kind of regret not buying. Looked like they had the perfect amount of sugar on top.

Something I did buy was the house cured ham sandwich from Marlow and Daughters with pulled pork, pickled relish, scape mayo, mild cilantro and fontina cheese:

Mmmm. I’m a fan of Marlow and Sons and this is the first thing I’ve had from Marlow and Daughters, their butcher shop just down the same street. Marlow is your friend.

We tried lots of chocolates:

The salted almond chocolate from Taza was my favorite. It has a kind of grainy texture and it rocks. Makes me wish it was Christmas and I have no idea why. Am I really thinking about stocking stuffers in June? I am so weird.

Now these bars blew my mind:

I couldn’t really figure out what exactly they were but they looked delectable and I somehow resisted

Finally we ended things with ice cream from The Bent Spoon.

I regret not taking home a pint of their sour cream and cherry ice cream. Sure do. Good thing the New Amsterdam Market will be back next month!

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It always impresses me when people’s facebook statuses say they are making some sort of bread. Banana nut bread, chocolate zucchini bread, whatever. I mean it can’t possibly be that hard to make bread, but I’ve certainly never done it. Actually, I’ve only used the oven once since I moved into this apartment. In April. Wow.

When I used to babysit in the city, one of the moms had a bread maker and she just made regular loaves and they were always amazing. Just add a little honey¬† and – perfection. She also made ginormous blueberry muffins. Hmm… maybe I should be a bit more domestic.

Anyway, last week I wrote about the amazing apples I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket. Well, they were Golden Crisps from Terhune Orchards in New Jersey and I also got a little thing of peach bread.

Peach bread. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that. But it is my new favorite. So I bought some more yesterday, ate half and the rest of it is waiting for me at my office.

I ate some

So good.

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